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More pictures from the Chinese UFO sighting...

small-ogMore photos have emerged from the mysterious UFO sighting in the skies over China last week.

The sighting, occurring at 9 pm on Wednesday July 7th, 2010, is thought to have been the reason behind the temporary shut down of the Xiaoshan Airport.

Check out the pictures… won’t you?





Strange Days are coming…

Kind of leave you speechless, don’t they…

These are very clear pictures that show, without a shadow of a doubt, that there was indeed a craft of some sort cruising through the sky.  This craft may also have been shining a light onto something (maybe an alien abduction).  If these pictures are true, then it proves that there indeed is something strange cruising around in our skies.

In other news regarding the sighting, is reporting that an unnamed official told China Daily that government officials had discovered the identity of the UFO, and that the matter has become TOP SECRET.

Hopefully, the pictures we have already seen of this UFO sighting are not the last ones we get.  The initial reports claimed that there were hundreds of witnesses to the very public UFO sighting, including radar operators and jetliner pilots; hopefully more of these people will find a way to step forward (though something tells me that when the Chinese government have some very interesting ways of keeping things they want something to be kept top secret a secret).


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