Another UFO seen in the skies of China...

china_ufoWhat is going on in the skies over China?

Reports are starting to come across of the second UFO sighting in the Hangzhou province. 

Seen hovering over Shaping Park in the Chinese city of Chongqing for over an hour on July 15, 2010, this latest sighting has many wondering what to make of the recent activities in the skies over China.


One witness to the second sighting told the Chinese state media (under the assumed name of Chen) ““I stared at it and it did not move.  After hovering for an hour, the thing started to fly higher and finally out of people’s sight.” Other witnesses told the Shanghai Daily they saw the same thing: "four lantern-like objects forming a diamond shape that hovered over the city's Shaping Park for over an hour."


The sighting comes on the heels of last week sighting of a UFO seen over the Xiaoshan airport.  Various Chinese news reports claimed that last week’s UFO is sighting was responsible for shutting down operations at the airport for an hour after a UFO appeared, affecting up to 18 flights and affecting 2,000 passengers.

As of yet, no official explanation has been given for the strange sightings and investigations into the first UFO sighting failed to reach a conclusion.

Insert X-Files music here…

Two publicize sightings of something in the sky over China in as many weeks...

Very interesting indeed...

While such news might be enough to prompt racing to the grocery store and order pick up all the tinfoil and bubble wrap you can carry, perhaps a moment should be taken to really ponder on what we've got.

firstchinaufoThere is little denying that there is something very odd going on in the sightings of last week. Various reports of strange light trails, a very public airport closure, very clear pictures, and a techno accompanied video of something soaring through the Chinese sky would all more than agree with that statement.

But with few publicly reported anecdotes of the sighting and a couple of very unimpressive pictures to correspond the second UFO sighting (as of yet) is little more than a moment for one to rub their chin and reflect on the potential implications of the reports. For now, this is little more than a few LED lights somewhere in the sky and a couple of frazzled Chinamen freaking out about it... not the signal of the Chinese/extraterrestrial pact condemning the Western world to invasion by red Chinese and little green men.

(But with better evidence and maybe it is sighting or two more, that is what it could end up being…)


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