New crop circles being blamed on glowing orange orbs...

UKGuysCliffeAerialCULucyNew crop circles have been found in the United Kingdom.

Two 6-pointed stars, one of dark standing crop with a delicate second star in the middle
defined in flattened wheat by clockwise or counter-clockwise directions of downed wheat. 
The approximately 200-foot-diameter circular pattern was reported July 10, 2010, near the
Guy's Cliffe house in Old Milverton, Warwickshire, England.

While reports of crop circles popping up in the English countryside is nothing really shocking to people who happen to be following along as they do tend to happen quite often in the United Kingdom, what makes this crop circle interesting are the other photos that for some reason seem to be attached to this incident.


These photos are of three unusual glowing orange orbs that were photographed at the site of this latest crop circle.

In an interview with, crop circle researcher (and I'm sure local crackpot) Andrew Pyrka shares his most unusual account:

UKGuysCliffe3OrangeLights071010“Right by the edge of the path running along the trees, three orange lights appeared. My camera was up on my pole for wider shots, so I had to take the camera off the pole very quickly…It was so bright and intense light of three spheres. The light was almost like phosphorus burning at high intensity – very, very intense – almost like a setting sun at its highest intensity…Yes. When I first saw the lights, they faded up to visibility in the air - all three of them- and moved together from the far left end of the tree line as I faced the river and Guy's Cliffe house from where I was inside the wheat pattern. There are no roads there along the river – only the walking path. The lights moved in the air for about 30 seconds – not much more than that. Then the lights stopped in front of the Guy’s Cliffe House, flared up bright orange and then disappeared..."


The Glowing orbs of the UK…

Seen a lot in the English countryside, this is not the first report of mysterious glowing orbs of light being seen around strange phenomena (such as crop circles) occurring in England.  In fact, glowing orbs of light find themselves blamed for a lot of the strange occurrences in the United Kingdom.

UKTurbineSmashedByUFO010709The blame for crop circles, cattle mutilations, and even the wrecking of a windmill last year all seem to end up at the feet of these mysterious orange orbs seen floating around all over jolly old England.

Needless to say, the British government has said nothing publicly on this crop circle or on the strange glowing orbs.


The universal language...

I really wish I had more than opinion on crop circles, but sadly I really don't.

I understand that it is said that the designs display a strong understanding of deep mathematical concepts and a unique artistic ability, but in my opinion it seems far easier to conclude that this is the work a very creative and very bored math-magicians as opposed to believing it to work of extraterrestrial beings or some other unexplained supernatural phenomena.


I would like to believe that these are interstellar love notes or attempts to convey a message to the people of Earth (fuck, I would settle for invasion communication like in that dog shit Signs movie)... I really would. But at the end of the day, any serious search for the artists responsible for these beautiful and mysterious designs would be better spent in the halls of the University as opposed to in the skies.


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