Virgin Mary tells Brazilian man about the "End of Days"...

pedro-regisWe talk a lot on this site about "Doomsday".

Aliens... zombies... enslavement by megalomaniacal cabals of elites... we try to cover all the bases of Apocalyptical rumor and theory...All except one...


For some reason, I never really thought to look towards the prophetic claims of religious "seers" conveying the message of warning from a vengeful God growing weary of insults from petulant children.

But then I heard about the messages of Pedro Régis...

Once upon a time...

maryIn October of 1987, an apparition of the Virgin Mary appeared to Pedro on the hill outside of his childhood home. 

She said:

"Don't be afraid. I am the Mother of Jesus. I am here because I need you to help my poor children who need My assistance."

She then told Pedro to be sure to say his prayers, find a priest, and return to the hill every Saturday in order to receive a message intended for him to share with all of mankind.  According to all the information I found, she continues to appear to Pedro to this day.

Along with the usual calls for the repentance of sinners, conversion of protestants, and a general love for one's fellow man, the messages the Virgin Mother has been giving to young Pedro have been of a prophetic (and very Apocalyptic) nature.

A dark day for the Church of Rome and well as a great suffering for Man are spoken of throughout these prophesies with many of them getting extremely specific.  And what's worse... some of them have already come true.

The predictions of Pedro Régis

This is not complete list of the prophecies of Pedro Régis, only a sampling that I have picked through.  For more information on Pedro Régis, including a full list of his messages to the world, please to be checking out his website.

- Difficult days are coming for you. You will be tried by great difficulties, but count on The Lord. My Jesus will never abandon you. He will be your comfort in difficult moments. You will find a great battle in your path. The church will confront a great storm and much will be lost.9/18/2009

- The earth will be shaken and many places will cease to exist. 9/22/2009

Remember to keep count of the amount of times the themes of the Earth being shaken and many places ceasing to exist.  The Virgin Mary talks a lot about the coming period of Great Tribulation coming in the very near future for the Earth.

- Difficult days are coming and My poor children will experience a heavy cross. Continents will disappear and people will contemplate things that are not visible to the human eye now. These will be sorrowful times for you. 10/6/2009

world-boom- The earth will pass through great and painful transformations. People will be confounded, because they have put themselves in the place of The Creator. There will be inexplicable phenomena on earth, and learned men will not find answers. 10/9/2009

There is thought that in this message she refers to a prophecy she made earlier where she speaks of a coming "Three Days of Darkness" (believed by many in the Christian Doomsday schools to be a time when all of Hell is set loose on the Earth).

- Difficult days are coming and the suffering of the just will be great. Pray much for the church. The church will be persecuted. People will defy it and the suffering of the faithful will be great. 10/17/2009

Mary speaks a lot about a time of great trouble for the Catholic Church.  Many believe that these messages refer to the sex abuse scandals involving clergy are going to get significantly worse.

pope- The faithful will be persecuted, and those who are against Christ will act with great fury against the Church of My Jesus. 10/26/2009

- The force of nature will provoke phenomenon never seen before. Objects will be thrown from the earth by a force that no one can explain. Forces will arise from the depths of the earth that leave men preoccupied, but I want to tell you that God will not abandon His people. Pray. You will yet see things that human eyes have never seen. 10/31/2009

- A great discovery will happen for the good of mankind. It will be the object of one of the miracles of My Son Jesus. 11/7/2009

Good news for once...

ufo- A great sign from God will attract men and women who are distant. 11/12/2009

While a practical thought on this message would be a physical manifestation on Earth attracting pilgrims to it, there is a part of me that wants to believe that she is referring to extraterrestrial life.

- Humanity will drink the bitter cup of suffering because of unexplained phenomena of nature that will come. Bend your knees in prayer so you can support the weight of the cross. The Andes chain of mountains will descend and many nations will carry a heavy cross. The earth will pass through great transformations, but in the end victory will come to men and women of faith. 11/21/2009

Once again, more references to some coming violent earth changes about to befall the planet.

river-of-fire- If people are not converted, a terrible punishment will fall upon humanity. Rivers of fire will flow on the earth. The waters will be contaminated and in many regions of the world My poor children will carry a heavy cross. 11/22/2009

Volcanoes make their first appearance in the prophecies.  It is a safe bet to me that this time around God is thinking about wiping the slate clean with fire not water

- Something frightening will happen in Europe and three countries will be struck at the same time. People will have to weep and lament.11/28/2009

The Virgin Mary makes a few statements about a coming suffering in Europe. Along with a looming threat of continent wide civil unrest, England, Spain, Germany, and Yugoslavia are all mentioned specifically in the level of suffering they will experience.

- The day will come when people will receive a great Grace. A great miracle of God will transform hardened hearts. Each one will see his errors and will receive the Grace of repentance. It will be a great opportunity that The Lord will give to His wayward children. 12/8/2009

- Days of suffering are coming. Don´t lose confidence. The prophets who have gone will return to announce the day of the great warning. God will give you a chance to repent. Pay attention. 12/12/2009

- A great incident will happen in this earth and people will marvel. 12/14/2009

Another passage I like to believe refers to the discovery of extraterrestrial life though I am willing to acknowledge that it could be anything

- Humanity will drink a bitter chalice of suffering. Fire will rise from the depths of the earth and many regions will be destroyed. 12/22/20

Another reference to volcanoes dealing out the death during this cleansing of the Earth.

- Science will advance and create a manner of transportation frightening to the eyes of man. What is visible will become invisible to human eyes. Behold difficult times for humanity. 12/25/2009

My money is on teleportation.

- Something sorrowful will happen in the land of the queen (England) and will be repeated in the capital of Brazil. 12/26/2009

This prediction comes to play again in a little bit...

-guat-sinkhole The crust of the earth will split in many regions of the earth. Energy coming from the interior of the earth will bring suffering to many of My poor children. 12/29/2009

Another reference to the insides of the Earth spewing out. 

- You are heading towards a future of great trials. The death of a great leader will cause great confusion. The fall of a prophet will be necessary for the good of many souls. You cannot understand the mysteries of God. Bend your knees in prayer. Seek strength in the Eucharist and in the words of My Son Jesus. The church will encounter a great problem in the revolt of a famous congregation. Stay firmly with the truth. Don´t let anything take you away from the truth. Listen to Me and I will lead you on a sure path. Courage. Whoever is with The Lord will never be defeated. Blood will fall from above and fire will flow on waters. 1/1/2010

- The land of the mountain will be shaken, and mountains will come down in many places. 1/7/2010

This one is kind of creepy.  Haiti is known (traditionally) as "the Land of the Mountains". 

italy-football-riots- A revolt will cause destruction and death in various countries of Europe. 1/12/2010

Another reference to the coming riots in Europe. 

- Death will appear in Guatemala and My poor children will carry a heavy cross. 1/14/2010

-Great suffering will come for the inhabitants of Chile. Similar suffering also will come for those who dwell in Lisbon. 1/16/2010

- Europe will be poor and there will be great despair everywhere. 1/26/2010

Might it be riots like we saw in Greece earlier this summer that will be spreading out all over Europe, leaving the entire continent in disarray?

- The Middle East will shake with great atomic holocaust. 1/28/2010

church- Something sorrowful will happen in the house of The Lord and people will have to weep and lament. Enemies will open the doors and bearded men will act with great fury. 1/31/2010

There are some claiming that this is a prediction of a terrorist attack from Islamic extremists on Vatican City.

- Death will go through Asia and My poor children will weep and lament. Waters will rise and humanity will live moments of pain. California will face a heavy cross. The ground will rise and the mountains will descend. 2/2/2010

- The day will come when an apparently good and just man will appear. He will deceive many people, for he will realize great prodigies. He will come from the southern hemisphere and many people will consider him as a savior. Pay attention and don´t be deceived. 2/6/2010

Might this be a prediction of the next "AntiChrist"???

september-8-blessed-virgin-mary-birthday- Know that a great miracle of God will happen in favor of those who are devoted t o Me. In the great tribulation, My chosen ones will not experience suffering. 2/9/2010

- The calvary of humanity will begin on a Friday 2/13/2010

Way to ruin a weekend God.  At least we know what day it will start... now if only we knew when........

- The eagle (U.S.) will not fly tranquilly. Its nest will tremble and there will be great fear. 2/16/2010

Could be the economy continuing to crumble around us... could be civil unrest... hell; it could be a terrorist attack.

- A frightening event will happen in Spain and will spread to various countries of Europe. France will drink a cup bitter with pain which I announced in the past. 2/20/2010

France and Spain are both promised to get whatever is going to happen in Europe at some point in time.

- Pray much of the Church of My Jesus. The Church will drink the bitter cup of suffering. The darkness of lack of faith and of infidelity will spread more and more within the Church. A great scandal will shake the faith of the people and the church will lose much. I ask you to keep your flame of faith alive. Don´t go away from the truth. 2/25/2010

02_volcanos_60256- Death will pass through Spain. Costa Rica will live moments of anguish. A sleeping giant will bring suffering and death to Africa. 2/27/2010

- A frightening event will happen in Uruguay, and be repeated in Espírito Santo. Death will pass through three states in Brazil accompanied by great destruction. 3/1/2010

- You are heading towards a sorrowful tribulation. You will yet see horrors on earth. Entire nations will disappear and humanity will drink a bitter cup of pain. 3/2/2010

- Those who dwell in a great city in Brazil will live moments of great tribulations. Scientists will give the warning and everybody will flee. The Discovery of a great gap will get the attention of the whole world. 3/6/2010

- Those who dwell in the land of the queen will live moments of great tribulation. It will be on a Friday, and men will weep and wail. 3/7/2010

Another very specific prediction of a great horror about to occur.  We know something bad is going to on a Friday at some point and it is going to wipe out everyone in England.

- From the depths of the earth will come immense rivers of fire. Many regions will be completely devastated and the destruction will cross over many countries. 3/9/2010

gulf oil spill video-1730211110.grid-6x2- Death will pass on the coast of the Gulf, and will leave a great trail of destruction. 3/18/2010

Let's call this "Correct Prediction #2"...

- A megaquake will shake Japan and My poor children will weep and lament. Greater pain never existed. 3/20/2010

- Humanity is heading towards a sorrowful future. The earth will shake and abysses will appear. My poor children will carry a heavy cross. The earth will lose its equilibrium and frightening phenomena will appear. 3/23/2010

Earth will lose equilibrium?!?!  Might she be referring to the pole shifts (believed by many to be what the Mayans were predicting on their long count calendar)?

- Pray for the Church. The Church of My Son Jesus will drink the bitter cup of suffering. A most sorrowful for it will come. The Church is heading towards calvary. You will yet see great spiritual confusion, and friends of the king will reject him. I am your Mom and I know what awaits you. In these days, seek to live more intimately with My Son Jesus, in prayer, and in listening to and meditating on His Word. Don´t lose heart. After the pain, victory will come for those who are just. 3/30/2010

-I ask you to keep on praying for the Church. The fury of the enemies will affect the Church and many who were fervent in faith will become indifferent. The Church will be taken to calvary and the faithful will see the death of many consecrated persons. 4/2/2010

- A shocking event will happen in Germany. Death will pass through and My poor children will experience a heavy cross. 4/3/2010

Germany mentioned directly as well... there are some bad days heading for Europe.

riot2- A devastating force will cross Europe causing destruction and death. 4/7/2010

And again...

- You will yet see horrors on earth. The evil of men will bring suffering and pain to My chosen ones, but don´t lose heart. Stay with the Church. The weight of sorrow will be great for the Church, but it will not be defeated. The triumph of the Church will be great and its enemies will fall to the ground. 4/10/2010

- Humanity will drink the bitter cup of suffering. A frightening event will happen to Iran, in Pakistan and in Angra dos Reis. The happenings will be in different times, but will be alike. My poor children will live moments of anxiety. I suffer because of what awaits you. 4/11/2010

- Those who live in the land of riches will experience a heavy cross. The earth will shake and death will be present. The will drink the bitter cup of sorrow. In the west, near the Pacific, shouts and wailing will be heard. 4/13/2010

A prediction of the West coast of the United States being wiped out by something.

- A sleeping giant will arise in Indonesia and My poor children will drink the bitter cup of pain. No greater tragedy existed. Be strong and firm in faith. I will always be with you. A great destruction will be seen in Japan. 4/17/2010

- When all seems lost a great victory of God will arise for you. There will be no defeat for My chosen ones. The hour of calvary will come to humanity. Great and sorrowful happenings will come to you, but don´t lose heart. The angels of The Lord will come from heaven and His chosen ones will not experience physical pains. In the great and final tribulation people will see the powerful hand of God in action. 4/22/2010


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