Yet another video of the July 7 Chinese UFO...

cufo-frontAnother video has surfaced on the internet of the now infamous July 7th sighting of a UFO over the skies of Hangzhou, China.

This video, claiming to have been shot by one of the passengers on board one of the incoming flights circling over the Xiaoshan Airport due to the unexplained aerial phenomenon, shows four mysterious lights flying above Hangzhou.

Have a gander, won't you???

Another day... another unexplained light source in the sky...

Nothing earth shattering in this latest video of the Chinese UFO.


There is little doubt that there was something in the skies above Hangzhou on that fateful evening, and this video does little to debate that.

There is indeed something in this video, but without a clearer shot of the source of these unexplained lights it could just as easily by other soon to be diverted airliners as it could extraterrestrials cruising into town to pick up their dry cleaning.

Still think that something strange is going on in the skies of China (as well as globally; sightings are popping off at a very steady clip these days)... just frustrates me that all we ever seem to get is blurry vapor trail picks and videos of dancing light orbs.


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