Ucumar (Argentine Bigfoot) found!!!!

lil-ucuTwo ranchers in the pampas of Argentina have made a most startling discovery...

In the wilds of El Creston, about 40 kilometers west of San Jose de Metan, a rancher and his nephew came upon a strange creature they believe to be the legendary Ucumar, a fanged, man-like creature similar to the Yeti or Bigfoot.

Here’s their story:

On July 23, 2010, a rancher and his nephew (who both chose to remain anonymous) went out into their fields to round up their cattle.  It was there that they came upon the unknown creature.

Frightened by it big glowing green eyes and it's banshee like cry, the two gauchos fired a shot at the creature, killing it.

Upon examining the creature (dead from ahead shot), the ranchers discovered that they had killed a baby Ucumar. 

Ucumar Zupai 2010

Fearing reprisal from the creature's mother, the two cut off the dead animal’s head (ya know, to prove they actually saw it) and tossed the headless body into a near-by canyon.

The Legend of the Ucumar...


The Ucumar- also known as the Ucumar-zupai or simply as Ucu- is a Bigfoot like creature believed to wander the mountainous tropical countryside of Chile and Argentina.  Described to be about the size of a large dog that walks on two legs, the Ucumar is said by natives to eat payo (a cabbage like plant indigenous to the area) and make an ear piercing "uhu, uhu, uhu" sound.

While sightings are reported on every so often, the Ucumar- much like its legendary cousins the Yeti and the Bigfoot- no physical evidence has ever been found of the creature...

Until now...

So far, no one is going out on a limb claiming that this indeed is the legendary Ucumar.  But a veterinary expert consulted elcrestonby El Tribuno (an Argentine newspaper that originally reported on the discovery), is sure that something interesting has been discovered.

Marcelo Choque, a forensic veterinarian for the Provincial Police under the Environmental Division of the service, upon studying the pictures stated “I never saw anything like it. It’s clearly an anthropomorphic figure, but I can’t tell you the species. And I could much less explain the exaggerated size of its incisors, which give it a monstrous appearance...  There are no anthropoids in the area where they shot it. And the ones belonging to our fauna do not possess in any way the humanoid characteristics showing in the photo. If it is a monkey of some sort, it would be a rarity, an unclassified species or a genetic aberration. I’m stunned and I think it would be necessary to travel with a team of experts to the area where the skull is kept in order to conduct an analysis of the remains.”

Hopefully, upon further investigating, the origins of this strange creature become determined and -if indeed it is an Ucumar- its existence will pave the way for not only further research on this previously legendary creature but of all the legendary creatures (like the oft seen southwestern Chupacabra) said to be running around the wilds of our worlds for generations now.


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