Strange lights seen in British Columbia...

alick-1Yet again, strange lights have been seen in the skies somewhere in the world.

Dateline: Cultus Lakes in Chilliwack, British Columbia.

First broken Wednesday by callers to the Jeff O'Neil morning radio program, reports began to flood in about the strange lights that had been seen in the skies late Tuesday (August 17, 2010) night.

Horseshit morning radio stunt, right???

Well it was...

Until more reports began to pour in on the sighting.


The Vancouver Sun, after running a story about the strange reports being made the radio, received an email from Alick, a reader who had witness something similar to those being reported on the radio a few days before.


"I thought I noticed something odd with a really bright object in the eastern south sky towards Chilliwack," said Alick. "I thought at first it was a star or satellite but it was way too big and way too bright and it moved too fast and steady to be a helicopter spotlight."

alick-6With his email, Alick forwarded several pictures of the strange lights seen on the 17th. (for all of the pictures submitted to the Vancouver Sun, click the link).
 A video of a different sighting, a few days earlier (August 14th, 2010) in nearby Victoria, has also been circulating around the internet.


Blinded by the Light...

alick-4It seems as though every week we get reports of strange lights dancing in the night skies coming in from the four corners of the Earth.

It goes without saying that not every one of these "sightings" are visitors from other worlds (or dimensions) looking to bring us tidings of peace and love.

Sometimes they really are Chinese lanterns and inexplicable swap gas explosions.

But some of them are not. 


Some of them are coming from some unexplained source.

Whether or not that source is extraterrestrial (let alone intelligent)...

That is a totally different matter...


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