Do recent British crop circles signify the Second Coming???

crop9107What is it with those limeys and their freaking love for crop circles...

Late last week (the 19 of August), a crop circle was discovered in a field close to the Avebury stone circle in Wiltshire.  The 300 foot crop circle was discovered at about 3AM by researchers who happened to be in the area hoping to catch a crop circle in the process of being made (by whoever it is that happens to be making them).

The researchers, equipped with night vision glasses, were astonished to find the circle had appeared in a field they had been watching just an hour and a half earlier when they returned after checking other fields in the area. 

What these guys found was nothing short of- well- miracle as this new crop circle is believed by many to be a representation of the legendary "Holy Grail"...

holy grail

(Though in all fairness it also bears a resemblance to a symbol one would see on the chest of a Federation officer.)

steve-alexSteve Alexander, a crop circle photographer for many years said "This is the third formation this year to relate to Jesus Christ.  Only last month two circles straddling the M4 appeared to represent the face of Jesus Christ on the Turin Shroud.  There has also been a crop formation representing a crucifix close to the Avebury stone circle, which has been the centre of crop circle activity for many years now."

Jesus Tagging Fields???

As mentioned by Steve (see above), this isn't the first (alleged) "Jesus themed" piece of crop art seen this year.

Late last month, dual crop circles were discovered outside of M4 believed by many to represent the image of the Jesus face depicted on the "Shroud of Turin".


(In the interest of full disclosure, there is also a line of thought with the Shroud Circles that it may represent some sort of mathematical code trying to convey a message to humanity)


While the crop circle phenomenon in England tends to attract its share of fans and curiosity seekers, the addition of a Jesus theme to the already mystical events has added new found meaning.

For many out there, the "Jesus" message has brought up whispers that these circles are signals from some other worldly source foretelling the Second Coming of Jesus Christ (unlike the countless other yet to be explained crop circles and the strange phenomenon surrounding them which are usually quickly dismissed as hoaxes by extraterrestrial denying Jesus freaks).

Of course, it just as easily could be a signal sent from aliens or some other inter-dimensional being or the work of a team of very clever pranksters.

No telling...

Ancient Aliens Jesus Christ Pleiades

Not until Jesus and/or the Aliens get here anyway


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