The Loch Ness monster RETURNS!!!!

loch_ness_monster_580xA new sighting of "Nessy", the fabled Loch Ness monster, has been caught on film for the whole world to remember that Scotland still does exist.

The image was taken by Richard Preston, a 27 year old landscaper, while working in the gardens of Aldourie Castle along the banks of the Loch Ness.


He told STV News:


“I was just walking through the castle gardens and I spotted something in the distance. When I looked closer I could clearly see the four hump-like features. I thought I’d take a picture of it, to see if there was anything in it, to see what others thought.



“I was surprised that it stayed there as long as it did. I took various shots of it before it suddenly disappeared. I literally just turned my back and it was gone.”


I see you...

1230752943wRKYInkWhile still very clear as to the validity of the photographs, monster enthusiasts the world over are excited to hear about the sighting.  Due to the recent drop off in reports of sightings of the legendary beast many had begun to fear that the famed sea monster had died.

Sadly though, this is going to end just like every other time some guy comes out of nowhere with what he claims are pictures of the Loch Ness monster... with it being either pictures of the whitecaps on the breaks off in the distance playing an optical illusion on him or a picture of his idiot friends doing something retarded in a row boat.

And it always ends like this due to an inescapable fact...

Nessy is not real. I can understand a Bigfoot (which I do buy into) being as elusive as he is... there are a lot of woods for him to hide in.

Same with the yeti...

Hell, even the chupacabra.


But there is no way an 8 foot long sea monster can go undetected since the 1930s (when the first modern reports of "Nessy" started being reported though there are some claims that the local lore is loaded with stories of the strange creature within Loch Ness) in a somewhat closed off body of water.

It just wouldn't happen.

Never mind the whole "no where to hide along the murky bottoms of the loch due to the advent of modern sonar equipment" theory that any debunker with half a mind and a third grade education could have dreamed up...

The mere fact that the newspapers do not have weekly stories about fishermen and cattle getting plucked off the shore like low hanging grapes by a blood crazed sea monster in a very narrow ecosystem is proof enough that all this Nessy bullshit is pure nonsense.

Want to tell me about leprechauns, fairies, and other Highland spirits holding a rave at Stonehenge or that cave trolls have been causing two hour delays in the Chunnel, I'll listen...

But enough with this made up Nessy nonsense...

You’re better than that.


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