Farms in Space!!!!!

futurepicOne of the biggest hurdles in the plan to begin a program to have humans set up colonial "outposts' on neighboring planets- other than the whole 'getting there" issue- has been the ability to produce enough food to give those fledgling colonists a fighting chance at survival.

Eager to find a solution for that set back (not to mention spit in the face of God as they find yet another way around his imposing limitations on the aspirations of Man), scientists are busy finding ways to grow crops on other worlds.

space_farm"The spur of colonizing new lands is intrinsic in man," said Giacomo Certini, a researcher at the Department of Plant, Soil and Environmental Science (DiPSA) at the University of Florence, Italy. "Hence expanding our horizon to other worlds must not be judged strange at all. Moving people and producing food there could be necessary in the future."

Let's use a Martian colony as an example...

By the most conservative estimates, it would take anywhere between 140-260 days (one way) for an Earth launched craft to arrive on Martian soil.

Four to eight months.

ruskie-animalfarmsThat kind of trip time table (not counting the time it would take for a nation to make room for a launch in the budget or gather the resources necessary to make such a trip) means that traveling to Mars, to visit or to colonize, will likely have to make use of resources on the planet rather than take everything they need with them on a spaceship. This means farming that has a very different ecosystem than Earth's.

But according to Dr. Certini, that really shouldn't be a problem.

Certini and his colleague Riccardo Scalenghe from the University of Palermo, Italy, recently published a study in Planetary and Space Science that makes some encouraging claims. They say the surfaces of Venus, Mars and the moon appear suitable for agriculture.

Boldly Going...

MarsRover_newsThe scientist believe that between the centuries of experience working with soil that Man has accrued as well as the good work being done by scientists to determine whether or not the soil to be found on the target planet (done through the usage of samples gotten by drones) is suitable for agriculture, combined with the great strides being made by botanists and marijuana enthusiasts all over the world in growing techniques such as hydroponics (the soilless process growing of plants in a nutrient rich water mixture) and aeroponics (the soilless growing process where air and a nutrient rich mist is used to grow plants) that the idea of having extraterrestrial colonies providing their own food is a very "doable" idea...

And getting more doable by the day...

ark-1With it becoming more and more common for scientists to find planets (as well as moons) with frozen water (and the recent discovery that those icy worlds are capable of producing oxygen), the odds of taking that ever so important first step in intergalactic colonization improves by the day.

It may very well be within our lifetimes that humans are sent out, like our European forefathers centuries before, to find their fate- as well as the destiny of our species- among the stars.  News like this only makes me believe that this is going to happen.


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