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Alien involvement in Great Pyramid a hoax?

pyramidHoly shit...

For about five minutes I thought I had something ground breaking to report to you people about aliens and thier involvement in the construction of the Great Pyramids of Egypt...

But it turns out that it all might be a load of horseshit.

On Nov. 28, word came out of Cairo that a Dr. Ala Shaheen had told a conference audience that he "... couldn't confirm or deny it, but within the Great Pyramid there was a technology that was 'out of this world'."


Now I am not going to lie...

For about five minutes I was losing my mind; my fingers flying around the keyboard as an orgasm of the written word over the excitement of the news overtook me.

Thankfully though, after a quick session with the one hitter, calmer heads prevailed.

I did a little research interested to see what was the context that Dr. Shaheen said what I thought at the time was the phrase so many of us interested in UFOlogy and disclosure have been longing to hear and was kind of shocked at what I discovered.

Turns out that not only had Dr. Ala Shaheen had not said anything about alien technology within the bowels of the Great Pyramid, but it turns out that there was no such person named "Dr. Ala Shaheen at all working at Cairo University, let ufoalone heading up the Archeology Department.

(The closest thing on the roster is a Dr. Alaeddin Abdul Mohsen Shaheen, head of Egyptian antiquities for Cairo University.  But there has been no word anywhere else [other than the source site where I got the original story] which I found odd, considering that- if it is true- this would be world altering news.)

As of yet, there has been no reply to emailed requests to Cairo University as to whether or not a Dr. Ala Shaheen was currently on their staff.

A little research...

So it looks like it might be nothing more than a hoax intended to make us (cough, cough... me...) look like assholes doing back flips over the news only to find out that we were all celebrating a pile of bullshit.

I wish it was true...

Hell, for the five minutes that I did think it was true- no lie- I was sporting a little wood.

It was exciting news!  Had it been true, this would have been the beginnings of disclosure. 

But alas... it's a steaming pile.

Of course, I am not going to say I am at all the final word on the subject and if anyone has any information at all please let us know.


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