UFO over Tampa???

ufo1Here’s a UFO mystery out of my own backyard...

FOX13, the Fox affiliate out of Tampa, Florida, reported on Friday Nov. 26, 2010 that a strange glowing object was seen in the skies over Lakeland on Thursday Nov. 25, 2010.

The television station reported that callers flooded their phone lines on Thursday with reports of sightings of the UFO, including a couple of photos sent in by a viewer (he claims that the pictures were taken at about 5:45 pm).


What the duce???

It’s a bird? A meteor?  Space junk burning up within out atmosphere???

Or might it be something more...


As of yet there has been no official word as to what caused the phenomenon in the sky last week.

Personally, looking at the pictures rather closely one can make out a triangular shape at the head of the fiery trail blacktrianglereminiscent of the triangle UFOs that have been seen all over the world.

But I see UFOs everywhere, so I might not be the best judge in the world...

So for now, I will keep y ears open in case any ore news comes out about this strange sighting...

But I wouldn't hold my breath.