Strange orange lights seen in the skies over NC, FL...

xmas-alienApparently it isn't just Christmas Tree enthusiasts intent on rubbing the noses of non-Christmas celebrating Americans in the celebration of the Birth of Christ...

Turns out the aliens might be all in too.

The internet has become flooded with reports of strange orange lights seen twinkling like Christmas lights in the skies above North Carolina and Florida on Christmas Eve.


Here are two videos, one from North Carolina (which has a good deal of information provided about it from MUFON) and a second Bradenton, Florida.  Both videos allege to be taken on December 24, 2010.

North Carolina sighting

The first video comes out of North Carolina.  Here is the information we got on it from MUFON about this sighting:

Case Number: 27098
Log Number: US-12242010-0015
Submitted Date: 2010-12-24 22:40 GMT
Event Date: 2010-12-24 21:45 GMT
Status: Submitted
Region: North Carolina
Country: US
Longitude: -79.0192997
Latitude: 35.7595731
Shape: Sphere,Triangle
I am posting yet another event that just now happened. I just finished up posting a report on this site, and happened to look outside again, and all I can say is OMG! At least 100 spheres of yellow/orange or reddish/orange were moving across the sky in a line. Some of them were forming triangle shapes, but they looked like they were all following each other across the sky. I took almost 15 minutes of video of this event standing outside on the patio of my house! This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen! I cannot explain what this was. They were not planes, and there were no other aircraft in the area that might have been dropping flares. These things were completely silent, and they just kept coming. You will see from the video that I took,(this time with my digital camera)them coming from the tree line on the right, and slowly moving across the sky to the left, before just fading out. I have shown a plane flying in the sky to compare against and also the moon for reference to rule them out as being planes or celestial objects. These things were moving across the sky in a line, and kept coming for probably a total of 20 minutes… I don’t know what to say. I literally am speechless as to what I saw… I’ll just let the video do the rest of the talking…

(ed. note: This is a real neat video but about a minute or so into the video you might want to just mute the sound... the videographer keeps rambling on and on throughout the video.  Makes me miss the "Desert Prophet" from a few weeks ago...)


Bradenton, Florida

The second video (much shorter but also not as cool) was also taken on December 24, 2010 but taken in Bradenton, Florida... a couple of hundred miles and a whole coast away from the sighting in North Carolina.

Check it out:

"This is unbelievable..."

Two strange yet eerily similar sightings of damn near the exact same areal phenomenon on the same night...

I imagine by now I must sound like a broken records repeating the same tired chorus to frequent readers of this site but this can't just be a freak occurrence of happenstance...

This has to be something.

And by "something", not the lame "Chinese lantern" explanation authorities are trying to claim responsible for both of these sightings.

While strange for there to be two sightings in two somewhat distant areas, this is not the first time these strange orange lights have appeared in the skies before...

Hell, it's not the first time this year...

These lights have been seen in a few different locations, such as this one, filmed in Cyprus on April of 2010:

And this one; New Zealand, November 17, 2010:

And this one; Belfast, October 30, 2010:

And again; filmed somewhere on the PA/DE state line, october 23, 2010:

Now either there are a shitload of Chinamen out there that seem to be constantly having huge celebrations...

Or we really are being kept in the dark about something very strange that is happening on the planet.


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