UFO seen at Chinese Airport again...

chinese-alienThere are a lot of UFO videos featured on this website.
For the most part, these videos are all pretty much the same: footage (typically running about 90 seconds or so) of some unexplained glowing orb captured by some backwoods simpleton with a cheap camera.

Cool video sure... but not enough to really move the UFO-logy ball up the field, so to speak.

But every now and again, we get our grubby li'l fingers on some clear good footage that- if true- could be a game changer.

This is footage taken near a Chinese airport by a Korean tourist a few months ago (details are scarce on this matter). It shows a strange object (looks like a Jetson car if you ask me) darting across the sky.

Why not have a gander before we go on:

Neat, huh...

Now, upon first (and second viewing) the bullshit alarms started going off in my head as the video- with its clear shots and steady picture- seemed too good to be true. So a little more research was applied.

It turns out that the video has made its rounds in the Korean press for a few weeks now and, while many still speculate that the video is nothing more than a well produced hoax, all investigations to the footage has found none of the "brush strokes" of computer generation.

This isn't the first UFO sighting in China (hell, wasn't even the only one that week. There are always videos coming out of China, but most of these are those afore mentioned glowing orbs dancing in the horizon) so it would not be the most unusual place for there to be a UFO sighting.

And there are all those out there rumors of alien bases hidden within the Himalayas.

In the end, this one falls right into whatever it is that you wanna believe in.


UFO or hoax...

We report, you decide...


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