Video of a UFO???

ufo_picture_8I can remember a time when talking a girl you happened to be seeing into taking some "tasteful" nudes of herself (that of course you promised would be for your eyes only but secretly knew those Polaroids would be excellent conversation fodder for your friends next time you all went out for a few drinks) was the rarest of catches. But then came these cell phones with cameras and all of the sudden having a chick take a few snapshots of her tits was just another part of the courting process.
Because of new ease of availability, the idea of a "nudie pic" stopped being sexy and became just another thing your girlfriend texts you that you cuss her out over because it interrupts your game of "Angry Birds".

Like girl-on-girl kisses, it became just another thing that we collectively have become numb to... something that would have to work a lot harder than they would have previously had to in order to turn a head.

All because of technology's breakneck advancements...

Sadly the same thing has happened with UFO videos...

Ten years ago, a video of a inexplicable strange ball of light dancing about in the horizon would have been enough to stir at least a few segments of conversation on the local "hot talk" radio shows. One would have though the coming future of ready access to video recording devices would have all but guaranteed inarguable evidence that these strange phenomenon were extraterrestrial vehicles doing something in our skies for reasons none of us know or understand (and its debatable how much governments intended to protect us know and understand).

Sadly, not so much...

Instead of amazing footage of real life Millennium Falcons and X-Wings cutting through our skies flooding the internet, we get a never-ending flood of far off dots blinking about in the night sky.

And when we do get the Millennium Falcon, it's brought about using the same technology that actually brought the Millennium Falcon to the screen.

Take this footage, for example...


This is video I found on Allnewsweb's twitter feed of an alleged UFO tracing the Japanese horizon only to vanish in a brilliant flash of light.

Have a gander:

Is it a clever CGI some bored chinaman threw together between rubbing out knuckle children to weird anime chick getting rapped by green monster tentacle porn?

Or might this be one of those rare examples of footage that leaves us to ponder what many of us believe yet find it unfathomable... the idea that there is in fact intelligent life in the universe and that one day we will be in contact with it.

Personally, I am of the mind that this video is in fact a hoax... a  clever computer generation.



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