Iranians build a flying saucer...

ufo-smlNot every word coming out of the mouths of scientists last week were espousing the doom and gloom we all were feeling as we watched the fuel rods of the Fukushima Nuclear reactor burn a hole through the earth…

Scientists in Iran last week announced that they had perfected the construction of- and successfully tested- a flying saucer.

Plastering the front page of Iran’s state run newspapers was a picture of a saucer like metallic machine seeming to float over a nondescript wooded area as well as a story making the bold claims.


According to The Daily Mail, the Fars News Agency (a hard-line Iranian news source) the Iranians had completed the construction of a flying saucer machine which looks similar to the iconic image of a B movie style UFOs. 

While the report gave no indication of the “spaceship’s” size, they indicated it was small by claiming that it can also fly indoors.

“… Easy transportation and launch and flying, making less noise, are some of the advantages of the device,' said ISNA, Iran’s students’ news agency.

“The device belonging to the new generation of vertical flyers is designed for aerial photography.  It is equipped with autopilot, image stabilizer and GPS and has a separate system for aerial recording with full HD quality!”



So the Iranians managed to build a small, compact, virtually silent flying machine capable of flying inside a building.

So did Tyco when they realized the makers of Air Hogs were kicking their ass with those cheap Styrofoam RC helicopters they sell on TV.

It is in these insane claims that the Iranians seem to like to make (in order to show that- while the oldest civilization on earth- the Iranian people are on the cutting edge of science and technology) that they remind me of the Russians during the blood and gut days of the Cold War.

It was widely reported that during the height of the Cold War, the Russians- totally paranoid about Western (in particular American) advancement in military technologies- took the time to experiment with some of the fantastic technologies they would see in the James Bond movies; believing, of course, that the gadgets of 007 mimicked the actual equipment of field agents.  (In fairness, while I have heard this from more than one place- many of them reputable- the original source for this information was my boy Skippy after smoking some banana peels when we were twelve.  That same night we also determined, after an overly theatrical “high talk” about pussy and some shockingly thorough experimentation with various food stuffs, that we believed [at the time] that vagina felt like warmed up liver a whole lot more than it does warm apple pie…). 

The rumor goes that, because of the Bond films, dozens of loyal KGB agents were sent to a watery grave while testing the “tankless” scuba equipmentMI6 dispensed as standard issue in Ian Fleming’s cloak and dagger fantasies.

But, much like it ended up with a lot of the things the Russians would allege, the claims of the Iranians seem to be nothing more than just a whole lot of chest puffing and bravado.  Let’s not forget that no American forces have yet to come across the 'super-modern' radar-evading flying boat-plane Iran claimed to have tested four years ago specifically to engage said American warships.

But at least they are trying…


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