UFO over Italy...

ufoToday, while bouncing around the internet looking for a Wrestlemania fight card, I came across a video of a UFO seen in the skies over Italy late in March of 2011.

For a split second I got excited thinking I might have come across some cool snippet of footage that I can share with you, the faithful Constitutional reader.

But then, as I played the video, I immediately got discouraged.

Dr. Shitinyourhat or How I learned to love being narrow minded…

There are times in the UFO footage game where you really have to start wondering why the fuck you believe in some of this shit in the first place…

And usually it is when watching footage of nondescript blinking lights off in some general blue sky backdrop.


How is it that everyone has a camera in their pocket, and the best the entire fucking planet can pull off is unclear shaky shots of what may as well be a shitty Christmas tree off in the distance.

And yet people demand that I (or anyone else bringing them such information) make a definitive call as to what is being seen in the footage (which is their right… I mean, I am bringing them the info… least I could do is provide an opinion to boot…)

Is this particular footage a UFO???

alienTechnically, yes… It is an unidentified blinking object hovering in the sky.  This would make it l technical Unidentified Flying Object (or UFO) but not necessarily a UFO of extraterrestrial origins.  It may be a jet plane, low flying satellite, or reflective space junk.

Of course, it may also be flesh craving aliens from the Draco galaxy monitoring the “fattening up process” of the next “Cattle planet” on their intergalactic menu.

Point is, no one really knows and looking at footage as nondescript as this footage of a blinking light spot off in the horizon and losing your mind about this being a prophetic sighting foretelling a great coming doom makes about as much sense as looking out into a cosmos with 10 to the 8th power habitable worlds and honestly state that there is little to no chance that there is intelligent life out there.


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