UFO seen over London...

triangle-ufo-88Here is a different kind of UFO video.

And by different I mean it is actually showing something other than some nondescript blinking light off somewhere in the distance of some random horizon shot.

Check out this video, posted to the Youtube by Dutch tourists after a trip to London in March of 2011 of what can best be described as a Star Destroyer out of Star Wars.

Not just any old cruiser… I’m talkin’ the big Corillians…


Kind of a neat video, no???

On the retrobanana 1973’s Youtube account, it stated this about the video:

“19.03.2011 - While visiting London with our family, my daughter spotted a small white 'thing' across London sky. We are standing with our back to Tower of 'Big Ben'. First we thought it was a parachute, but it was way to high up in the sky. As i zoomed in it looked like a cloud that changed shape. It stayed there for at least about 30 minutes. As the rest of the family wanted to proceed with the tour, i was not able to check how long it stayed there during the day. I lost sight of it.

If you look closely you will also initially see a small white spot next to it in the first frames(top-left). What did I see? Is it just a cloud? Why did it stay so long in one place. Is there a scientific explanation? - Sony DV digital Handycam, 120x digital zoom: DCR-TRV24E…”

To anyone who has spent any amount of time following the UFO sightings of around the world, this compelling video should immediately bring to mind the classical “Pyramid UFO” video (most famously the one that lingered over Moscow a few years back).


But unlike the Moscow (or other pyramid type UFO) footage, this sighting did not just hold one shape.

Throughout the two and a half minute video, the light cluster dances about; morphing from a triangle shape


to a “V” shape (reminded me a little of the Klingon Bird of Prey)


to a brilliantly lit semicircle…


As of yet, I have found no official explanations (radar, government claims, ect) as to what this sighting might have been.  But I also have not found anything in the video itself to lead me to believe that this is a fabrication of some sort.

But there is something about this “sighting” that has me giving it a little more attention than I would usually to a glary video of dancing light orbs…

Snorting the Red Pill…

Stan-FulhamIn October of 2010, Stanley Fulham- a man who claimed to be able to predict the arrival of UFOs- claimed that a UFO would be seen over London in 2011.

Granted, he did say it would happen seven days after a major sighting would be seen over the skies of Moscow…

But it’s those kinds of details that the Man is hoping that you sheople will latch onto, thus keeping your eyes closed to the reality more and more of us are choosing to live in…

One where there are aliens flying around in the skies above us just waiting for the day that we are advanced enough to see the world for what it is.

Of course, as this point trying to give Mr. Fulham’s (God rest his soul) prediction any credit is just a grasping at straws- a short armed attempt to try and give prophetic status to a man that got lucky throwing darts once (it is said by many that Fulham correctly predicted last fall’s UFO sighting in Manhattan).

But he did say one would happen early in 2011 (he said January, this footage happened in mid-March)… It did happen in London…

That has to count for something.

And he wasn’t alone…

starwarsCountless other UFO “Shaman” have claimed this (2011) to the year of disclosure- the year where the sightings become so frequent… So clear... So undeniable that the government s have no other choice but to acknowledge their existence (not anything else mind you… just the fact that there are unexplained flying objects in the skies above us that no one can explain.

Could this be one of them?

(It should be noted that if this is in fact the beginning of the “Year of Disclosure”, then we should all take heed for along with disclosure, a false flag war is said to be triggered by the Western Governments in order to preserve the best interests of their corporate masters.)


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