The Rebecca Black Conspiracy...

conspiracy-theoriesWhile I love reading and writing about those “out there” conspiracy theories I have to admit that it can be kind of a hazardous gig.

And not hazardous in the Conspiracy Theory way, where your nutty mind manages to get one right thus forcing the burning eye of Washington to focus itself upon you…

I am talking about the hazards of going a little too deep into the bunny hole of madness that are conspiracy theories, losing perspective while slowly loosening one’s grip on what is real and what is a delusion.

This story is one of those hazards…

I found this while stumbling around the internet and I felt it needed to be shared with great and loyal readers of the Constitutional.

The Rebecca Black Conspiracy


What I found was a most intriguing prophecy, shared with the world by a person known to us only as “YourPopRock” posting on Above Top Secret:

 Rebecca Black "Friday" song predicts various disasters before they happen!

Ever wonder where Rebecca Black came from? Ever wonder why she is everywhere right now? After listening to her song and seeing her video are you still left scratching your head wondering just how this happened?

There are no accidents! Rebecca Black is a harbinger of disaster!

If you haven't seen the video or heard the song, here it is:

Now, aside from being the worst song in the history of music, there are a LOT of eerie co-incidences (or ARE they co-incidences?!?)

Right away in the video they mention the "ARK" music factory. It would take an ARK to save humans during a pole shift that would send the oceans spilling inland.

If you look a minute and twenty seconds in, the moon isn't quite full yet. Why use a graphic of the moon that is ALMOST full? That is because that is exactly what the moon will look like on December 21st 2012 (the full moon is scheduled for December 28th 2012).

2:10 in, the subliminal messages start in the flip book sequence. Notice how her grammer suddenly changes as well "we we we so excited". This represents a breakdown of society and of our educational system as a whole.

Notice that she only talks about 4 days, "yesterday was Thursday, today it is Friday" "Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwords" - this clearly references the fact that the disaster will take 4 days to complete.

Now, this video was released 1 month before the Earthquake and Tsunami hit Japan, on a FRIDAY (Black Friday).

And the biggest upcoming event I believe that this video and song prophesizes is DECEMBER 21st, 2012 a FRIDAY!!!

Fun…fun…fun… fun…

 Now here’s the thing…

I don’t see how this theory isn’t capable of working out.

Perhaps the weed and overexposure to this conspiracy shit might have set my perspective a little askew but it’s seems to be a fairly logical theory as to explain this song’s popularity.

I mean seriously…

rebecca-black-300A video featuring an underaged six poorly singing out things like “fun, fun, fun…” that doesn’t end with her naked and shaming her father just shouldn’t have the 80,000,000 plus views that this steaming pile has managed to garner.

There’s just no way…

Even allowing for the perfect storm where the song not only manages to draw in the pop music crowd but also stayed cool enough for the hipsters to be able to enjoy it ironically, it’s still a fairly unthinkable probability…

There has to be another reason…

Now hear me out on this…

What if the song is produced in such a way that the beat hypnotizes you into listening to it while some awaked soul, driven to extremes by the desire to make sure as many people wake up to what’s really going down in the streets, decided to inject a few “truth bombs” into the lyrics.

Package the song in such a way that teenagers (especially teenage girls, who we all know are the most powerful media demographic in the country thus making them key to insuring the necessary saturation to have as many minds exposed to this message) will stick with it long enough for the hypnotizing rhythms and vocal cadence to lull you into a trance, allowing the lyrics (specifically written to as to gain the maximum efficiency during the brain implantation process) to embed themselves deep within the listeners mind.

Once the idea is out there, the idea of imminent disaster and devastation will not seem terrifying to horrible but be almost a relief upon the reception of something expected. (It also helps in trying to gather survivors [be it to preserve the species or execute them for population controls] to already have the idea in their head that there will be outposts where people will be waiting this nightmare out. )

Not like it hasn’t been thought to have happened before…


For decades now, there have been many who believed that The Beatles were nothing more than a KGB creation in order to destabilize the American youth and spread the tenants of Marx to the Red fearing American youth in a way that wasn’t so Stalinish.

 It seems to only make sense that some committed Truth Warrior, already exposed to the whole KGB-Beatles theory, wouldn’t try and make a little mind control music of his own in order to subliminally warn as many people as possible of the coming Doomsday without having to sell the validity of the coming tribulations.

Once you wrap your mind around that idea, the concepts within the theory just all into place.


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