Did Hitler escape to Argentina???

hitller-cvacaThe whole paranoid world has been all in a tizzy for the past few days concerning the most recent releases of once classified documents to the general public.

Amongst the reams of papers made available in the FBI “Freedom of Information Document Dump” (some concerning such interesting topics as alien abduction and the murders of Biggie Smalls and Tupac) of last week is a report that had the Government seriously looking into a claim that Adolph Hitler had not committed suicide as we had all been lead to believe but rather had escaped in two German U-Boats and fled off to Argentina, where he lived out his days.

uboatThe Federal investigation on the matter surrounded a claim that an unnamed Argentine man had made to a reporter for the Los Angeles Examiner on July 29th, 1945. 

Claiming to have been intimately involved in the action, the man stated (according to the FBI report):



The unnamed man went on to claim that- upon receiving his request for amnesty in his part in hiding the notorious war criminal-  he would lead the reporter (or anyone else willing to meet his offer for that matter) to the ranch on the Argentine pampas where the Fuhrer was residing.

Sadly though, this story never quite got past a few outrageous claims…

Despite efforts by both the journalist from the Los Angeles Examiner as well as the Feds, the unnamed Argentine man vanished never to be heard from again, taking with him the truth about his historic claims.


Mien Pampas


Unfortunately by this point it is really nothing more than just an interesting story for all of us to sit and think about while taking some nice long pulls off that Sunday afternoon doobie…

And boy! What a wonderful think for a slightly crisped mind to go wandering about on…

bodiesEvil tyrant faking their own deaths using one of the many doppelgangers he was alleged to have in order for him to escape into exile with a couple of young broads and a submarine full of money…

To be honest, I kind of buy in a little…

I mean, it’s no secret that shortly after the war an awful lot of Germans were turning up in Argentina (as well as other parts of South America), paying off the governments for their silence using all of that ill-gotten “Nazi gold” that also seemed to disappear out of Europe after the fall of Berlin.

Knowing that did happen with quite a few of the upper echelon of the Nazi party, it so hard to believe that- upon seeing the fall of his grand vision- Hitler decided to leave the martyrdom to the foot soldiers leaving he and Eva (as well as a few close associates) to make their way of to Argentina (a nation with a government notorious for their ability to be bought)?

Seems to make sense to me…


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