"Stick Figure" aliens caught on tape!!!

alienIt is not too uncommon for a person to unwittingly stumble upon a video of a UFO (or light ball or whatever it is you want to call those things so many of us see in the skies all around the planet) on the internet somewhere.  But it is rare that a video of honest to goodness aliens makes its way to the World Wide Web (usually claimed to be because aliens are said by naysayers to not exist).

jack-skellingtonSo imagine my shock when I came across this very strange footage taken in late March (March 28th, 2011 to be exact) just outside Yosemite.  It features these very odd looking “stick figure” aliens (very similar to the Jack Skellington character made famous by Tim Burton’s Nightmare before Christmas) taking a leisurely stroll across the yard of the folks who caught the creatures on film while keeping tabs on their property (the cameras were being used because of a recent rash of break ins in the area). 

Check out the video:


Neat stuff, right???

Tall, non-descript “alien” creatures meandering through the yard of these seemingly innocent and mild mannered people…


But it stunk of hoax.

Assholes with cloaks on stilts... CGI implantation of the Landstriders from The Dark Crystal... The options seemed unlimited.

So I did a little digging and turned up this interesting bit of footage, taken in Fresno in 2007, of the exact same creatures- again- strolling through yet another unsuspecting family’s yard:

Hair standing on end yet???

Not one but two videos of something… neither of them showing any evidence (nor claim of, for that matter) of being fraudulent of a hoax.

Feeling I had something more than just your run of the mill UFO footage (something some of the more hardcore UFOlogists who read this site tend to get a little irked about our covering), I did a bit more checking into things- namely looking into any UFOs being reported in or around the Yosemite/Fresno area.

And I found two:

This one, taken on March 31st, 2011:

And this one, filmed April 3rd, 2011:

Thom Acee, Alien Hunter

Two videos showing aliens and a couple of UFOs spotted in the area (leading me to think that this could be a pick-up after a weekend trip to the Third Rock from the Sun)…

Kind of leaves you scratching your head for a moment or two, don’t it…

Praying_Mantis_Type1Upon seeing this footage, my mind raced immediately to the old school Coast to Coast AM shows with Art Bell… In particular an episode that really stuck out in my mind where some deranged caller in the mountains somewhere (perhaps California???) called into the show to tell Art how he was in constant combat with these eight and nine foot “Praying Mantis” aliens that were insistent on killing his livestock for some reason (I assume food but when dealing with aliens, there really is no telling why they do what they do…)

Sadly though, as much as I want it to be, the footage (just like the insane tales of Coast to Coast Am callers) is not one hundred percent proof that this is an alien sighting.

It could very well be a picture of a couple of very odd looking birds or of some neighborhood kids having a little fun with the paranoid old people… Not to mention the chances that this very well could be something completely different… some crypto-zoological discovery yet to be mibsofficially made by even the wackiest of monster hunters out there.

Point is we have no idea what we were looking at in these videos.

And it’s in that not knowing where all the fun and excitement is…