Alien corpse found in Russia?!?!?!

stock-vector-vector-art-of-the-russian-dolls-three-aliens-as-matryoshka-29747905Who would have thought clicking what seemed like an ordinary link would have led to such a deep bunny hole of weirdness that (hopefully) by the time I am done taking you down it we will have finally made some sense of it all.

By now, I am sure you have heard of the video of the alien corpse discovered out in a far off outpost in Siberia, Russia.

The video- very clear and of a good quality- showed what the two men in the video claim to have discovered buried off in an isolated snow bank… the frozen (and very dead) body of an alien.

In case you have not seen the video, I highly suggest you give it a gander… I promise you that youwill not regret it…

Now, the online source (an English speaking Russian online news channel) where I originally found the video, claims that this video has been deemed a hoax. 

It claims that the local newspaper had caught wind of the video and the story and thought that the body in the video was not of an alien but rather that of a murdered infant and contacted the local authorities.  Following a few hours of police interrogation, the men who produced the video claimed it to be fraudulent in nature and that the “alien” featured in the video was nothing more than a doll made up of chicken skin stuffed with bread.  Having broken no law, the two men were given a sound scolding for their gross negligence and were required to turn over their chicken skin dummy to police.

And while that explanation makes all the sense in the world, for whatever reason I kept watching this video and stopping at the same shot:


Something about this just didn’t seem to look right.

I have seen quite a few dead chicken in my life (having been raised by a father convinced a culture war was just around the corner so his boys needed to be ready to sustain themselves) and this thing really does not look like dead chicken skin doll stuffed with bread.

Chicken skin is bumpy and course, only smoothed when exposed to extreme heat (but then the skin is tinged a slight yellow).

The creature shown in the video has smooth, almost translucent skin, with very odd dark spots that look similar to what we would expect bruising to look like.

But looking real and being real is two totally different things…

Scratching the surface…

I began looking deeper into this video. 

The creature in it is thought by many (including the two men in the video themselves) to have been linked with a UFO crash (that went widely unreported in the West) that had taken place in early March of 2011, following a series of UFO sightings in the area.


Said to have occurred on March 11th, 2011 by Russian media, hundreds of witnesses in the Irkutsk region claim to have seen the crashing of a mysterious pink glowing orb.  Yet there has been no wreckage discovered in the area where the residents of several unconnected villages claim to have seen the craft go down.

(Interesting fun fact: While trying to discover videos of the UFO sightings in that area of Russia, it seemed as though all the videos I came across for this sighting had been scrubbed off Youtube fopr some inexplicable reason.)

Russian authorities claim that on that particular day they were conducting weapons tests on some experimental aircraft, which might be what the residents of the Siberian villages might have seen in the sky, but also state that no craft were lost that day, so the follow up claims that one of the craft witnessed in the sky by the residents of the area had gone down were mistaken.

The area, a remote outpost in the Siberian outback, is notorious for its claims of unidentified objects flying in the night sky.  But, disconnected through vast distance from the rest of its countrymen, the area is also known for its reports of werewolf, vampires, and other mythical beasts.

Not saying they are full of shit or anything… just saying they might not be totally up to date on what the 21st Century technologies look like…

We brought a shovel…



alien-spiceNow the alien…

The alien in question looks a lot like the alien from the abduction accounts of Travis Walton, with a triangular head, long gangly arms and legs, and a slight fragile frame.

It immediately brought to mind the stories of the alien greys that people have reported seeing for decades now, the cold purple skin of the creature showing it’s true greyish white normally seem upon it only in spots.

It looks so bloody real…

Sadly though, it is very tough to make an accurate judgment on only a minute twenty second video cvlip and a few press clippings coming out of Mother Russia.

Elaborate practical joke played upon a trusting world???

Or proof positive that there are aliens in our universe and that very soon First Contact will be made…

alien-close3Personally, while noting the odds are really stacked against this being nothing more than just a really well put together hoax, I feel that there is something more to this than just some dead chicken skin stretched over some moldy bread.

All the UFO sightings being seen in the area(and as someone who looks at all the UFO sightings reported on a daily basis I can tell you Siberia gets a shit ton of UFO sightings a year), the countless witnesses, the total lack of any credibility of the Russian people on the International stage…

It just smells like there is something more to this story than any of us know…

Not just yet anyways…


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