Jerome Corsi keeping Birther Movement Alive..

obama-birth-certificate-kenya-deesBy now, everyone has heard that President Obama has had more than a few questions concerning the validity of his birth certificate.

So much so, in fact, that President Obama had to publicly release a copy of it for one and all to see just a few weeks ago...(It is  said to have his hand was being moved by the so called “Birthers”; their caterwauling amplified when taken up by Donald Trump as the initial fuel for the billionaire carnie’s  publicity stunt concerning a presumed Presidential run.


And once the President released the “long form birth certificate”, one would have thought that this whole mess would have gone away… the birthers shunned to the dark with the other paranoid lunatics our society likes to relegate to lurking in the shadows…

But it is hard to slink off into that good night when you have a three hundred plus book you have been working on and desperately need it to sell if you ever want to have any sort of shot at a next book…

Here’s an audio clip of Jerome Corsi- a usually credible (for a wingnut) author- trying to sell the world on the premise that not only is President Obama’s birth certificate a fake, but he can prove it all to everyone in his book Where’s the Birth Certificate? The Case that Barrack Obama is not Eligible to be President.

Or so he would like us to believe…

Check out his appearance on Denver’s 630 KHOW (not sure what the show was, sorry) do as much:

Gypsies, Tramps,  & Thieves


Jerome-Corsi-Book-Press-ReleaseI feel bad for Corsi… I really do…

Be it packed full of bullshit facts he dreamed up on a whiskey bender or with years of intense research, interviews, and documentation- having your book tanked because some billionaire thought there were not enough people thinking about him for his liking has to fucking suck.

So I don’t blame him for maybe bending a few ethical rules about selling products that really might not be more than a well thought out, 350 pages of sophistry.

That said, there’s nothing that Jerome can say that will make me believe that there is nothing behind his wild claims except June’s mortgage payment for the Casa de Corsi… a payment Jerome is hellfuckingbent on making sure does not have to come out of the nest egg.


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