A White Buffalo has been born!!!!!

whiteyFunny thing about these “End of the World” prophecies is how they always seem to coincide…

Just weeks after Harold Camping’s got the world all excited about the Rapture only to let us know that God has decided to push back our smiting until October (this was let know to followers 48 hours after the “foretold” End Time of 6pm on May 21st, 2011 came and went, leaving many heart broken and all feeling a bit humiliated…) the Red Man has started yipping about one of their Apocalyptical signs perhaps coming to fruition.

It seems as though there is a very real chance that one of the much prophesied “White Buffalos” may have been born in North Texas.

miracleThe animal, born on a ranch just outside of Greenville, Texas to Arby Little Soldier- great grandson to Chief Sitting Bull, great Indian chief and pain in Custer’s ass- is considered sacred to many tribes of Indians.

White buffalo are extremely rare. To be considered sacred they must also have certain markings.

“And that is black nose, black eyes and black-tipped tail. Not the pink eyes or the blue eyes or the pure albino,” Little Soldier told the Local Fox affiliate.

 “This one here is the full one that’s counting now. He’d be the third. And the fourth in our Native American prophecy that is the end of the last days.”


Indian Apocalypse



An important legend to many native American tribes, the prophecy of the White Buffalo seeming to inch closer to coming to fruition is yet the most recent sign pointing out that we may very well be living in the End Times.

According to the Native Lore (there are as many variations to this story as there are tribes that buy into this tale, but this is the jist of it…) when the brotherhood of man comes together this sign will be seen and the buffalo will change colors from white, to brown/black, to red then yellow then back to white again. This is meant to signify the four races that in ancient American Indian Philosophy were given by the creator four powers and colors, who were then scattered across the world, to reunite one day in the future. If however the "circle of man" is not completed then the creator will destroy all of the earth except the "Children of the Earth" who will repopulate the land after this event.


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