Ozark Ghost hunter claims to have picture of Ghost...

how-to-draw-casper-the-friendly-ghostSometimes I wonder how many novenas the carnies of the world out there have said to the Gods of trickery and rube filchin’ in thanks of the creation of Photoshop.

What would have once taken a steady hand, years and years of experience, and extremely costly equipment in order to create a “picture” of whatever you wanted to have pictured can now be done in Photoshop with just a few clicks of a mouse and some online video guides if you get stuck.

And just like that, the hook any good con job needs in order to make it palatable to the more cautious among us can be printed out and displayed with confidence.

And it is my feeling that this is what has occurred in the Ozarks as a team of paranormal investigators are claiming that they got a picture of something…

The Panther Creek Paranormal Investigations (formerly the Ozark Mountain Paranormal Investigation Team but upon the announcing of this discovery a different group going by the same name arose forcing the  Ozark Mountain Paranormal Investigation Team this story is about to change their name to the Panther Creek Paranormal Investigations) is claiming that at one of their most recent gigs, a picture of a ghost was taken.

"Ghosts are real - ghosts are very real… You just got to believe in something bigger then yourself." 

Those are the wise words of Courtney Cunningham, co-founder of the Panther Creek Paranormal Investigations group. Her reason for making such a bold assertion???

Her group’s creepy as all Hell ghost picture.


"The first thing I want to do is disprove it." says Robert McCall, skeptic and co-founder of the Panther Creek Paranormal Investigations.

 "A lot of times people think there is a presence in the room and it turns out the room is where the breaker box is.  Or your meters on the outside of the wall and there is a lot of energy there.  Sometimes people think they are hearing things and it turns out they are just hearing things."

But, while investigating a case in North Springfield, Mo (where a family has come to the group for an explanation to the odd and freaky happenings within their home), Robert gathered (by accident) some evidence of something he is having a hard time disproving.

"All the lights were shut off and the doors were locked," says Robert recalling the events leading up to his fateful photograph.  “I came around to lock up the front door and as soon as I turned the corner I heard a growling disturbance on my EVP and seen something darker then dark move around in the hallway so I just started taking pictures of a completely dark hallway with nobody there."

There was no one in the hallway but something else showed up on camera. 
"When I first seen the picture, I saw a reaper," says McCall.  "Typical of what you would think."  Now it almost looks like a mother and child."

"First I thought that maybe he took a picture of himself in the mirror," says Courtney.  "But when we switched it to black and white and filtered out some of the contrast I was terrified.  And I was a huge disbeliever at first that picture changed my mind."

Robert says the photo has been sent off to a paranormal investigative organization in the St. Louis area for authentication.

Someone better get a hold of Juno, their case worker…

ghost-pickNot going to lie…

The grainy picture might haunt my dreams this evening.

Not because I think it’s real… there is not a doubt in my mind that this is nothing more than some back woods redneck trying to have a little fun with his kin and the gag started getting out of hand…

But because there really is something creepy about this picture...

The ghostly silhouette surrounding what seems to be an out of focus head of something carrying something smaller.

ghost-patternTerrifying, right?

Except it looks like he could have very well have taken a picture of the Madonna carrying a child with a backlight and then had it turned into a negative on Photoshop (which is a far more believable alibi than the group is currently suffering from some terrible haunting by some other worldly being dead set on spending it’s eternity lurking the halls of some shithole in the middle of nowhere).

Of course, we will be keeping our ears out if any new news about this case happens to bubble to the surface  though something tells me this will be the last we hear about this other worldly photograph…


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