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Siberian UFO landing or bullsh*t hoax????

frnt-ufoA UFO has been seen in the Siberian badlands…

Video footage has emerged out of Siberia of a UFO touching down and of four little somethings hanging out around it.

The footage clearly shows a glowing silver craft seemingly hanging out in a field somewhere in the remote Irkutsk region of Siberia.

siberia-mapNow here is where this story starts to get a little interesting…

This footage comes two days after reports first started popping up on the internet of strange lights and crafts being seen in the skies over the Siberian city of Bayanday (located in the Irkutsk region as well).

(And roughly some seven months since reports coming from Russian airplane pilots of picking up a strange cat-like alien language bleeding through their communications while flying…)

Check out this video footage…

Things that make you go hmmmm….

Two cases, both featuring compelling evidence, coming from independent sources out fo the same region showing what appears to be the same ship… If only there was some sort of official word coming out of the Russian government…


According to the UK’s Daily Mail (which from what I can best tell was basing their information off of some statements from a Mike Cohen, a UFO “expert”), there have been no official words yet to come out of Moscow, but the Russian military has said there were no exercises going on during either of the sightings. That said, Cohen also said that the Russian government is about dick deep in trying to keep this Roswell-esque story from being all over the world (oops…).



The Truth??? What do you know about “the Truth”…

I keep going over and over these videos…

I sit here, thirty minutes done 45 seconds at a time as I keep going back frame by frame seeing if I have missed something… a “watermark”, a cigarette burn… something, anything to prove this video to be the hoax that deep in my heart I thought it to be.

I would like to believe it to be something my intellect tells me it could not be, but for some reason I keep coming back to the fact that these videos are nothing more than total and utter bullshit.

There’s no UFO… no aliens dancing or gathering plants or doing whatever it is science fiction movies would have us believe that aliens do when they come to Earth. No nothing.

It’s a CGI creation being done by some dirty Russian eager to show off his graphic skills and perhaps get the joke over on a couple gullible Americans while he’s at it…

Or maybe some guerilla marketing campaign for the new J.J. Abrams flick that is being confused for something real…

But it’s not a UFO.

I know it’s not.

But do I know it’s not a UFO out of the maturity and wisdom of my age? Or out of some sort of twisted jealousy?

cool-alienAs if by denying the occurrence of something solely on the reason that it did not happen to me is going to negate the fact that something actually happened.

I had a similar reaction when I was a kid upon learning that my friend Joe had made the sex with this broad “Sally” I had spent a few weeks courting. When he told me, I denied it from being possible; knowing in my heart of hearts that there was no way she could have ever done that with him… not with me on the lurk.

I denied it again when she told me as well, this time telling myself this was no longer just some alpha male bullshit trip my friend had concocted but rather some sort of elaborate practical joke these two had dreamed up on all those nights I had left to go home or to work, leaving those two all alone for hours with nary a thing to do…

And much like St. Peter, a third time I denied this sex was occurring (because I kept believing this was happening for a while); this time somehow totally convincing myself the nude polaroids my friend took of Sally while she slept (he claimed he had taken the pictures of her after she passed out due to what he alleged was his pipe laying prowess in order to prove it to me once and for all that he had in fact fucked her) were all just part of this intricate rouse that she and he had devised to reward me for being a super friend.

It wasn’t until she was asking me to drive her to the Woman’s clinic in Ocala in order to go and take care of something that I realized that it had all been true…

There was no big reveal… no blowjob prize with the girl whose desire for me I had thought to be so real…

Just a knocked up teenager asking her idiot friend to help her clean up the mess he would have liked to have been the cause of. (For the record I agreed to do it because I am a hell of a friend but a couple of days later she had her period and never spoke to either Joe or I again).

That’s how I have been feeling lately when it comes to these UFO pictures…


No matter what it is- strange unexplained orbs dancing off in the distance, streaking fireballs in the night sky, or glowing silver spaceships hanging out in the wilds of Siberia- I just cannot get myself past that initial gut feeling of the evidence is nothing more than carnie bullshit.

It isn’t craft from another world filled with benevolent creatures sticking true to some intergalactic “Prime Directive” that get a little sloppy from time to time.

It’s carnie bullshit.

Now I am pretty sure that somewhere in this vast universe of ours (and even more likely in the countless other universes floating around out there in the vast seas of nothing that make Space) there is other examples of life.

nazi-ufo-1And I am even willing to wrap my mind around the idea that there is just as likely a chance that they will just stumble upon us by some sort of cosmic twist of fate forever changing the destinies of our two species as we are to stumble upon them during our space explorations (oh wait, we stopped doing that…).

But for some reason I am not willing to believe that not only is all of that real but it just manifested itself the badlands of Siberia (an isolated region of the world… just the kind of place that an alien creature would land it’s spaceship should it not want to be noticed) and that some stinky Russian just happened to catch it on camera (Knowing full well that if and when disclosure happens, it will more than likely be done that way- some punk kid getting a camera on it and broadcasting it to the world and yet every piece of evidence of so called “extraterrestrial UFOs” is met with my condescending jokes and my doubts). If I believed in UFOs (something I claimed rather vociferously that I did), then at some point one of the many videos I have seen of so called unidentified flying objects of an extraterrestrial persuasion would have at some point stimulated enough of my imagination to have lead me to believe I was seeing what those videos allege I am seeing.

siberia-ufoAnd even with all of that bias.. All of that perspective already embedded I still never bought into the bullshit with these videos…

And it might be finally time for me to admit to myself why.

I might not really believe in UFOs.

That has to be it.

I believe in aliens.

I like the idea of UFOs…

I just don’t think that we have ever seen one.

Not because of a government cover up or because of some secret intergalactic pact signed on to by the various otherworldly species that are floating around out there, but because they are not really there.

And it sucks.


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