Scientology promises Superpowers to their Faithful...

scientology-crossIn their new $90 million training center the Church of Scientology is promising something to give something to their Deciples that no other Faith on Earth can promise…

Super Powers.

The Super Power Building in Clearwater, Florida is due to finally open later this year after being beset by a long series of delays. The imposing structure, a bizarre cross between a Mediterranean-style hotel and the Starship Enterprise, is the size of a city block, boasts 889 rooms, an indoor running track and NASA-style training equipment to help worshippers boost their “theta power”.



(Before the nerds our advertising demo knows for a fact are reading this site go beating down a door demanding a spot in this Superman training program understand that by “Super Human Theta Powers” the Scientologists do not mean jumping over tall buildings in a single bound or turning them bulletproof or anything cool like that. For a Scientologist, “Theta Powers” means the restoration of the Human Spirit via the restoring of the Thetas currently residing within our Human shells back to their original omnipotent power.)



The building contains specially-developed equipment, which the church claims,”… expands on the technology developed by NASA to train astronauts”.



Among the most bizarre contraptions is the antigravity simulator - a gyroscope that spins a person around while blindfolded to improve their perception of compass direction as well as being made to watch a special video screen that moves back and forth while flashing images in order to hone their abilities to identify subliminal messages.

It is not yet known how much super power training will cost, though some of the higher-level Scientology training courses are priced in tens of thousands of dollar.


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