Hitler painting sold art auction...


hitlerWow...  How many lives would have been spared had this not been the most Hitler ever made off of his paintings.  Thirteen pieces of artwork created by Adolf Hitler were sold at auction this week, fetching a winning bid of 96000 pounds.

hitler_paintings4The paintings, many of them landscapes painted by the Fuehrer, had been found hidden in a garage earlier this year.  At the same auction, a self portrait of a young man signed with the initials "A.H." was also sold, garnering a 10000 pound bid itself.

As I reflected upon this story, all it did was give me a whole different perspective on those stupid commercials Sheryl Crow does about keeping music (and the arts in general) in schools.  Just think... had Hitler been accepted into art school and had that sensitive art fag side of him nurtured rather than rejected, young Adolf might not have acted out quite so violently later on in life.  Of course the lesson here is that when the art classes go, the concentration camps come shortly after.


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