Russian woman claims to have alien in freezer...

stock-vector-vector-art-of-the-russian-dolls-three-aliens-as-matryoshka-29747905It seems to me like there are a whole lot of reports of Russia claiming to have some sort of tangible proof of alien life (that proof, mind you, is subsequently proven to be utter and total poppycock).

And perhaps, you can file this in that same bin…


Reports coming out of Russia are that a woman is claiming to have had an alien corpse just hanging out in her freezer for the past two years.

According to reports, an old lady from Petrozavodsk city reported that she had been keeping a frozen alien body in a refrigerator for the past couple of years. The woman claims that she found the alien next to the woman’s summer house. The body was said to be 'very hot' and that metal fragments were lying beside it. Before finding the body, the lady claims she heard a terrible noise.


The pictures show a creature 40-50 cm long, has a big head, mouth and eyes. It was also wearing a one-piece garment. The stories go on to allege that two days after announcing to the world that she had this wonder hanging out in the freezer, the lady was visited by some people came to confiscated the body for the purposes of investigation and, according to their words (which, again, the woman alleges took the body) and took it to the Karelian Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

However, employees of the Research Center who were interviewed later said that they had never heard of the discovery.

Check out these nutty freaking pictures of this supposed space alien…







Close Encounters…

Now, of course, there is always the chance that this is an honest to goodness alien life form she found and for whatever reason thought to store it in the freezer for a couple of years before letting the rest of us know she had it.

That is an honest to goodness possibility.

bossnassIt even looks like one.

Granted, there is also a chance that I am Jesus Christ.

But it is more likely that this is not the victim of an alien crash and more a half rotted watermelon or something…

But not an alien.


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