UFO over Mizzu...

ufo-toonIt seems that ghosts and goblins were not the only things running around in Missouri on Halloween…

Multiple witnesses are claiming to have seen an enormous disk shaped UFO in the skies above Mizzu on all Hollow’s Eve.

The sighting, poetically described by one eye witness as a “Skyline Ballet”, was reportedly seen all around the state of Missouri; with sightings being alleged in Kansas City, Lee’s Summit, and- ironically enough- Peculiar, Missouri.

All the sighting allege pretty much seeing the same thing:

A bright disk shaped object… brilliant lights… no real noise to describe… Object darting about then suddenly hovering.

Check out this eye witness video of the event:

As of yet, MUFON is still investigating the claims and has not come out and official endorsed this sighting as an honest to goodness UFO event (they certainly do like being thorough, which is a good thing).

We will keep you posted.

Close Encounters

I wasn’t too convinced that there was much more to this allegation than just a few Midwesterners getting excited that the steel birds were back in the sky again and was willing to write this off.

But then, while going through the reports, I came across this video enhancing the footage I had already seen:

No real denying what you are seeing there…

That’s not a plane, nor a bird, or anything else…


That, my friends, is a UFO.


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