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Russians prove Bigfoot is REAL!!!!!

Bigfoot-420x405I swear…

If it hadn't been that President Obama aimed the HAARP weather cannon at the Atlantic a desperate effort to get the whole Benghazi fiasco off of the front pages, this would be the biggest news story of the day…

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Great Bigfoot Evidence coming out of Washington...

Bigfoot_SasquatchYou have to love the Fall…

The leaves start changing… there's a fresh crispness in the air; the cool fresh breezes of the coming winter cooling the summer scorched Earth.

And the internet starts popping with suspicious Bigfoot videos for us to marvel at…

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The Abduction of Amaury Rivera...

wa-ufo-alien-faceI was tooling around on Youtube franticly searching out videos of fat girls falling down (because for whatever reason that is what the Internet seems to be all about these days) when I came across this rather odd video.

It is a report of some sort concerning the abduction story of one Amaury Rivera.

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Moving a robot arm with nothing but your mind...

Stephen-HawkingI have always had a deep inborn terror of Stephan Hawking.

Not because of the way his ailment has left his gnarled and useless body but because of that beautiful mind of his….

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Scientist discover the great rivers of Barsoon (or Mars to you laymen...)

waterOnMarsThere are two things that could be found on Mars that would turn the heads of every Earthling and once again rekindle the love all Humans have with the idea of exploring strange new worlds.

The first, with no surprise, is Life on the planet.

But a close second is water.

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