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Turkish man gets hit by a truck AND a train and lives!!!!!


Train getting hit by truckThis is fucking amazing.  If you have not seen this, then by all means you have to follow the bunny hole and check out the video if this poor Turkish bastard getting hit by a train and living!!!

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Giant snake terrorizes Borneo!!!!!

For centuries, the people of the backwards nation of Borneo have talked about the Nabau, a legendary hundred foot river serpent that terrorizes the villages in the flood plains around the Baleh River.Legend has it that the Nabau is a dragon headed shape shifting serpent like creature with seven nostrils and an affinity for humyn flesh.

But recent pictures have surfaced recently that has people questioning as to whether or not the legendary creature is really the stuff of childhood fairy tales.Two new photographs have come up, both of them showing what appears to be a hundred foot serpent just cruising along the waterways.

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