Stems & Seeds: Starting the New Cold War...

Uncle-Sam-PuppetMasterAvoid the entanglements of foreign adventure...

That was the warning of the Founding Fathers gave us when passing along advise to keep this democratic experiment thriving forever into the future. Yet here we are, straddling the world in the most poorly organized empire the history has ever beheld, spending countless billions we don't have fighting proxy wars along the borders of our enemies. 

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Crisis in Ukraine!!!!!

crisis in ukraineUnless you have been living under a rock, I'm sure you're aware of the Russians sending soldiers into the Ukraine just days after a coup destabilized the former satellite state, declaring war on the nationstate in the fragile days following the popular ousting of their pro-Russian leader.

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Was Sandy Hook a "Staged Event"????

conspiracy_20theory_20rockIt's been a while since this website dove face first into a good conspiracy theory, our mind diverted by the siren song of fiction (Cletus T. Broshus: Monster Hunter, available in iBook April 1). If was a much needed break to be sure, and a whole lot safer than poking the Obama bear (as he has grown comfortable flouting his power as of late). 

But today, while pumping breaks during afternoon stop 'n go, I happened upon a theory concerning our Nation's most recent heart wrenching tragedy that I just had to pass along. 

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Moore: "Man never behind Global Warming"

Global_Warming_EffectsWell... Ain't this just a kick in the dick to Al Gore...

Patrick Moore, the Canadian born  co-founder of Greenpeace, environmentalist of note, and business consultant, testified before congress today and made a rather startling admission.

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Undeniable Sign of the Coming Apocalypse???

End_of_the_World_as_we_know_itThere is an unsettling feeling floating around in that ether that connects all of us…

A disturbance in the Force, if you will… Sending psychic waves of negativity throughout our community; poisoning the minds of the rest standing there with their mere presence. 


And it has to do with the End of the World. 

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