Is PC acting as Ebola's PED??? (Performance Enhancing Drug, you rube...)

101114-evpc-empiresEmpires collapse, they say, because of an inherent "Achilles' Heel", brought about as a direct result of their success. The Greek crumbled to the sounds of self congratulations... The Romans, their decadence... The Mongols, jealousy... So forth and so on; the pages of history books just cluttered with the fatal flaws that the former winners were powerless to avert... 

The American Empire is currently seeing it's twilight approach, history's iceberg looming unstoppably before this era's unsinkable ship. And again, the Americans are looking to make history once again, as they will be the first empire broil to its knees by its own empathy. 

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Ebola-palooza: Week Two

10514-ebolapalooza-titleThe Nation is still gripped in Ebola Terror (though not enough to keep the Fox NFLPregame Show from making a joke about it), as worry that the incurable African virus will consume Dallas (or a city near you, given the orgasmic coverage local news channels are giving to every reported check in a hospital of "Flu like symptoms similar to Ebola". 

We be fools if we didn't cover it, so here it goes... A money shot of virus news sure to keep you up tonight scrubbing everything with Clorox wipes... 

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Those "#KidsfromFerguson" are a bunch of fibbing so and sos...

91514-ferguson-hey-white-peopleHey white people!!! Wanna have thirteen dollars separated from you through guilt and skewed statistics??? Well, if you do then look no further as the good kids from Ferguson, Missouri have got a message for you. 

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10114-ebola-title"What is this shit?!?!" My wife asked, wrapped in a towel as she listened to Megan Kelly continue the near endless media coverage of Ebola-palooza- the media driven event covering the recent man made outbreak of Ebola in Dallas, Texas. (I say "man made" with intention, as this wasn't a natural Ebola outbreak effervescing  up out of the clear blue... We have all be exposed to a existential threat because of a few Ner-do-well bleeding hearts so guilty by their whiteness and affluence that they just had to go and hug the modern day lepers In the hopes their God will forgive such cursed good fortune...). 

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Finding a solution in the Islamic World...

91414-muzzies-obamaEarlier this week (on 9/11 eve), President Barrack Obama laid before the American people his plan to root out the threat of ISIS, the latest band of Arabic rogues spreading their bloody brand of bloodthirsty evangelism; conquering lands and lopping off heads for the greater glory and honor of Allah. Doing his best impression of a Conservative, Barry the Flaccid told us all how he was going to rid the world of this threat by retraining the Iraqi Army in two weeks (the same army that turned tail and ran at the sight of these cats two months ago), and then backing them up with bombing runs, drone strikes, and perhaps a few Special Ops soldiers here and there for garnish. 

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