Crisis in Ukraine!!!!!

crisis in ukraineUnless you have been living under a rock, I'm sure you're aware of the Russians sending soldiers into the Ukraine just days after a coup destabilized the former satellite state, declaring war on the nationstate in the fragile days following the popular ousting of their pro-Russian leader.

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Moore: "Man never behind Global Warming"

Global_Warming_EffectsWell... Ain't this just a kick in the dick to Al Gore...

Patrick Moore, the Canadian born  co-founder of Greenpeace, environmentalist of note, and business consultant, testified before congress today and made a rather startling admission.

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Robot Burger Flipper to collapse economy!!!!

Robot vs Human_onlineOne day, we will look back upon this moment and realize this was the Jenga block that caused it all to crumble…

We hear a lot in our current day to day about income inequality and the shrinking job market. 

About how some 95 million Americans are out of work (and have been for a rather long time) and have little hope for finding another career. 

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Was Sandy Hook a "Staged Event"????

conspiracy_20theory_20rockIt's been a while since this website dove face first into a good conspiracy theory, our mind diverted by the siren song of fiction (Cletus T. Broshus: Monster Hunter, available in iBook April 1). If was a much needed break to be sure, and a whole lot safer than poking the Obama bear (as he has grown comfortable flouting his power as of late). 

But today, while pumping breaks during afternoon stop 'n go, I happened upon a theory concerning our Nation's most recent heart wrenching tragedy that I just had to pass along. 

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Alien Moon Base found with Googlre Moon?!?!?!?!

alien-moon-baseA YouTube poster has allegedly discovered an alien moon base on the moon using the Google Moon Viewer.

Nutty, right? 

But sure as shit, it's there...

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