Obama says nothing about marijuana...

obamatrippyI don't usually have anything nice to say about President Obama. 

A double speaking Communist selling his sick agenda of equalized outcomes and shared misery for the masses with lies and clever seduction, it is rare he would say anything that I wouldn't find blood pressure raising, let alone agreeable. 

But in a recent (and lengthy) interview with The New Yorker, the President spoke a little bit on marijuana and I really couldn't find quarrel with it...

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Sen. Lee presents the true dangers of an ever-expanding Government...

bloody-flagIt's easy to speak of the "dangers" of an ever expanding Government...

But not long after you get to the exciting part about the boot of Big Brother stepping down on the throat of the Free Man as an uninterested ruling oligarchy look on uninterested, whoever asked you about them regrets even bringing it up. 

And why wouldn't they? 

Much like your wife's day at work, this "Big Brother watch dog" shit can be a bit of a bore. 

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Duck Dynasy Star Suspended for being "Anti-Gay"...

phil-robertson-colorizeI have no idea how some duck call widdler from Louisiana managed to get the entire country all whipped up into a frenzy over some rather tired views on gay people, but it did… getting him “Indefinitely suspended” (Corporate speak for “fired but since he has a contract to pay out, we will just shelf him”) and sendiung legions of Duck Dynasty loving Americans into full on protest mode. 

But what manner of insanity brought this all to a head???

It all started on the pages of GQ…. 

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Russian predicts China to defeat America...

us-china-fightApparently, the Russians have looked into their crystal ball and have seen the defeat of America in the very near future...

Six years to be exact. 

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