Could Obama add "Impeachment" to his woes???

king-barryFor years, Conservative media and Libertarian types have been caterwauling about the reaches President Obama has made using his Executive Powers. 

And finally there is an elected official doing something about it...

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Disney the latest front on War on Christmas!!!

mickey-clausThere  is a new front on the War on Christmas… The happiest place pin Earth!!!!

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Pussy Riot!!!!!

angry-catIt is bad enough that cats have taken over the internet... Do we really wanna cede them Europe???

A woman and her little dog were mauled by what is being referred to as a “...pack of feral cats” in the small French town of Belfort. According to accounts, the woman and her poodle were going for a morning stroll on Saturday when a gang of six wild cats pounced on the two, knocking her to the ground.

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Recent Study Finds Men Prefer the Pretty...

Bettie-Page04If you have ever wanted to know how we got to the point where we can't say "Merry Christmas" anymore in school because it might hurt feelings or why is it that year after year our culture becomes more and more sanitized.... It is because of studies like this. 

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Mysterious lights spotted over France!

small-screenshotA Frenchmen captured footage of three bright orange lights floating ominously over the city of Lyon, France on June 28, 2013. 

The footage shows what we at The Weekly Constitutional believe to be a triangular shaped UFO (which have been spotted all over the world for years now). 

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