Versus: Robots vs. Zombies

Versus- Robots vs ZombiesWe all know that someday our world will end.  Not "our world will end" like we all die, but rather the "our world will end" where all of humanity is brought to the brink.  The foretold "End of Days" if you will.  But with so many theories out there trying to predict the ultimate end to all of this, it is hard to know for which to prepare. Do we need extra shotgun shells or extra sun block?  Will one pair of long johns be enough?

In order to insure that humanity has a fighting chance, The Weekly Constitutional is proud to present...

The End of Days Tournament!!!!!

Eight different apocalyptic scenarios will go head to head to see which among them has what it takes to wipe out humanity.

Our first match up is a Hollywood favorite, as Zombies (be it the less likely voodoo ritual walking dead or the virally contaminated blood thirty wretch) squares off against a Robot rebellion.  Does humanity stand a better shot against the flesh eating undead or the steel encased techno nightmares???

Zombies vs. Robots
Zombie Apocalypse!!!!!
Either the brain crazed walking dead or blood thirsty infected humans
Harbinger of Doom
metal encrusted, nearly unkillable technological nightmares
Either the result of a voodoo ritual or from a mutated strain of an aggressive virus.
Where it comes from
The eventual self actualization of our machines
by putting humans back in the food chain
How it will kill us
a subjugated human populous will die as slaves, batteries, or in the resistance
If caused by Voodoo ritual, it may be localized, if viral, it could be an pandemic in under a couple of months.
A long, draw out, brutal war of attrition.
Human frailty, decomposition, possible anti-virus, limited food source
Lack of materials or energy, rust



In a stunning landslide victory, the dreaded Zombie Apocalypse was like the bussing of flies for the far superior Robot Rebellion.  It turns out that despite the terror of a zombie apocalypse, the Robot Rebellion would be far more likely to spell the end for Humanity than hordes of flesh eating zombies.  But does it have enough to be what actually does us in???  Stay tuned....