Is Lindsay Lohan a Thief???


Lindsay Lohan, before she got all gross...What the hell happened to Lindsay Lohan?

Once a rising star in the Hollywood scene with a bright future before her, the starlet turned coke snorting lesbian of convenience apparently has turned to a life of crime in order to make ends meet while her career flat lines.

Police in London have expressed a desire to interview Ms. Lohan in regards to $400,000 in Dior jewelry that somehow went missing after Lindsay was photographed in them.

From what I have gathered, Twatted pic of topless Lindsay... Lohan (pictured here in a "topless" shot she twatted today) was at an Elle Magazine photo shoot in London's Blue Sky Studios.  Sometime after the shoot, the jewelry (including a diamond necklace and diamond earrings) turned up missing.  And now the London Police are looking to chat up Lohan (who has been talked to by the fuzz three times in the past two years for taking things that don't belong to her) as well as the dozen or so staffers at the shoot stating "... There have been no arrests at this stage. We will speak to a number of people in connection with the inquiry."

Lesbian fighting, tabloid fodder, and now stealing jewels from photo shoots...

If there was ever a glaring example of pissing away opportunity, ladies and gentlemen...

The saddest part about this broad is that once upon a time she was white hot.  She was making hits (with both children and mainstream audiences), releasing dance hits, and was the dirty desire of every teenage boy in the world. 

And now just looking at pictures of her makes you feel like pooping a few Valtrex... just in case...


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