Christian Bale freaks out daughter with his method acting...

Christian Bale in "Public Enemies"Apparently Christian Bale really is bat shit insane.

While promoting his new film Public Enemies, director Michael Mann let out that actor Christian Bale, who plays FBI investigator Melvin Purvis in the film, freaked his young daughter out by staying in character (including speaking in a deep southern accent) for four months straight.

michael_mann"Melvin Purvis was really a southern gentleman. So Christian kept the accent for 24 hours a day. It freaked out his young daughter. She said: 'Daddy doesn't talk like that!' he replied: 'Well, ah'm sorry, mah dear, but daddy's studying for a part, and ah'll be speaking like this for the next four months.' "

Johnny Depp in "Public Enemies"

Kind of makes you wonder if he insisted on speaking like a southerner for sixteen weeks straight to stay in character, what kind of a miserable bastard must he have been during the filming of Terminator and The Dark Knight, where he was a miserable prick who spent the whole movie screaming through his teeth.

Michael Mann also placed the sanity of Johnny Depp into question by claiming that Depp used the wardrobe as him muse, including some of John Dillinger's actual clothes.

"We got to see some of Dillinger's packed suitcases, which he had left behind after an escape, and Johnny was able to actually hold his shirts in his hands.  They still had the pink paper band around them from the Chinese laundry. And there were more accoutrements than you'd have thought for a guy on the run: a shaving kit, talcum powder.  You bet there's magic to that stuff. I'm not superstitious, but I couldn't help it."  Public Enemies is set to release on July 1, 2009.




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