Channing Tatum Stripper Video!!!!!

As though it was not already a challenge to get my girlfriend to have sex with me...

G.I. Joe and Step Up star Channing Tatum has had to work hard to where he is today.  And thanks to an exclucive video obtained by US Magazine, all of America will finally know just how hard.

Video has emerged of the star showing off where he learned those dance moves that got him his gig on Step Up... in the cold hard world of male stripping, where he lip synced and danced under the stage name of Chan Crawford.

The video shows an 18 year old Tatum bustin' a move to a room full of horny old yentas shaking fist fulls of singles just dying to get uried in his britches.

According to troupe owner London Steele Channing was "shy at first, but he really knew how to work the stage."   Tatum worked for Steele for about a year in the Florida "dance" troupe, earning 50 bucks a night plus tips for shakin' his money maker.


Now I must warn you folks... once you see this video you may never be right again....

Don't say I didn't warn  you...


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