I have had it with Megan Fox...


megan_fox4This may sound like blasphemy or the ramblings of a madman to many of my male counterparts reading this, but I have freaking had it with Megan Fox.

Fucking had it.  To the point that I would not fuck her with a stolen dick loaded with AIDs.

What is the obsession with this broad anyway?

I get that she is hot.  And physically she is.  Great tits.  Great ass. 

But that's where the hit parade stops with this one.  Just another polished up life support system for her physical attributes.  And that is fine.  She is not the first chick in Hollywood to get paid for being good looking and thankfully she won't be the last.  But that is not my issue with her.  Not at all.

See, for as hot as she is, she is also stupid and just cannot seem to keep that cockwasher of her's shut.  transformers2
It started about two months ago or so, when she decided it would be good for her career to slander the only reason anyone in this great nation of ours knows her name... the Transformers franchise.  Or better put, explosion obsessed director of the franchise, Michael Bay.

Fox went public on how she is more than just a pretty face, and is capable of more depth in a film than slow motion running shots of her trying to avoid getting blown up during an intergalactic civil war between giant robots. 

megan-fox-dykeShe then popped up on a red carpet claiming that she does not find herself attractive at all, seeing a transvestite (a lousy one at that) in the mirror when she looks in it. 

And all this stuff was well and good... Again, she is not the first actress to proclaim herself more than just a pretty face (while at the same time finding herself repulsed by her very reflection). 

But in the latest issue of Rolling Stone, Megan Fox revealed more of her fragile inner Megan.  For example, she was a cutter...

"I don't want to elaborate.  I would never call myself a cutter.  Girls go through different phases when they are growing up, when they're miserable and do different things, whether it's an eating disorder or they dabble in cutting ..."

fox-green...Or like how she has a wicked bad temper...

"I'm emotionally unpredictable.  I've had to say to Brian [Brian Austin Green, her ex-boyfriend] 'You have to go and stop talking to me, because I am going to kill you.  I am going to stab you or something.  Please Leave'."

She also attributes her nasty temper (along with the less than normal desire to inflict pain in order to make sure she is still alive) as to why she does not own a gun...

"I'd never own a gun for that reason.  I wouldn't shoot to kill.  But I would shoot him in the leg, for sure."

Sounds like the kind of broad you want to bring home to your mother, huh...

But by now you might be asking yourself why the hatred for young Megan... I mean after all while she is crazy, she is also hot.  And as we all know crazy hot chicks are killer in the sack.

Hence my issue with her.

She is the embodiment of every issue I have with the fairer sex.  Every last fucking one. 

She is a drama queen so stuck in her own bullshit that she makes everyone else suffer with it.  Who cares if you think of yourself as a gussied up drag queen.  Or if you used to have to cut yourself to see if you still felt human pain.  Or that you are still a petulant child hell bent on getting your way and acting out when you do not.

You're a fucking A- List actress... Act like one.

Go in front of the camera, shake your little tooshie, cash the million dollar paychecks the American Public will allow you earn because we are too stupid to stand up and finally put an end to the endless pandering we provide to genetically gifted zilches who have the audacity to whine about their ever so hard lives of looking perfect and living glamorously, and shut the fuck up.  Nobody cares if you missed a few hugs, or had an overly affectionate uncle, or an inattentive father.  Just say your lines, promote your movie, and keep the rest of it to yourself.

She is probably the same kind of broad that bitches and moans about a tummy ache/headache/cramps /or whatever her ailment of choice is whenever you have them out doing something that they might not be thrilled to death to be doing. 

casey anthonySo gentlemen reading this please:  Can we finally put to bed the whole idea that a little crazy in a chick is sexy so as to limit the amount of nutty chicks our sons and grandsons are going to have to deal with.  Crazy chicks are not better in bed, nor do their favorable features last longer.  All they do is make your hair greyer and your life less fun.

Oh, and as for Megan Fox...

While I hate her with all of my heart, I am assured that she will not be long for this world...  There is enough white trash coursing through that tattooed body of hers to guarantee that she will be knocked up and worthless to Hollywood before her 25th birthday (Plus there is there is the added shot that one lonely night she may get a little too dramatic with a razor and bring it all to a chilling end...)


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