Ncolas Cage going broke???


nic-cageFor a while now I have been scratching my head trying to figure out what was wrong with Nicolas Cage.  In the late 90s- early 2000s, the man was solid gold.  But then, for some reason, he just started making shit... a whole lot of shit.  Ghost Rider (as well as the in production Ghost Rider 2), Bangkok Dangerous, Knowing, Next... it was as if the one time box office draw was purposely trying to deep six his once busy career (and yes, while I will admit the two National Treasure movies are watchable fare, it does not forgive the poop he has made otherwise.  If you were unlucky enough to have to try and sit through Bangkok Dangerous or Next then you understand...

But finally we have an explanation for all of these horrific films... And boy oh boy, it is a fucking dozy.

Turns out that Nicolas Cage has been on a two decade spending spree:

shrunken-headYachts, a jet, a castle, over $1,000,000 in rare comic books, a few (allegedly) haunted mansions in New Orleans, not one but two Bahamian islands, a shrunken head (which may or may not be human), a $500,000 Lamborghini once owned by the Shah of Iran, a $276,000 dinosaur skull he outbid Leo Dicrapio for, several strange and exotic pets, and one octopus.

Impressive right???

All of these strange purchases have come to light due to some hard financial times befalling Cage.  Over the summer, the IRS places a six million dollar tax lien on his mansions in New Orleans due to failure to pay income taxes.  Then last week, the actor filed a 20 million dollar law suit against his former business manager Samuel Levin, claiming that Levin failed to pay Cage's taxes, lost a ton of money in a slew of Nicolas Cage's castleunsound investments, and ultimately putting the actor on a path of certain financial ruin... because it must have been the business manager who bought the castle, shrunken human head, dinosaur skull, or a million dollars in Ghost rider comics.

Sure, I do not doubt that his business manager's less than professional investments piss poor financial planning, and apathetic tending to his client's financial state probably all assisted in his current fiscal shambles.  But let us not overlook the tens of millions the actor spent on literal crap!!!

He bought a castle... a castle!!!

He bought two Bahamian islands for the love of Christ...  TWO BAHAMIAN ISLANDS!!!!

Was one private island not enough for him???

One of Nic Cage's Bahamian Islands

Of course I have some empathy for the man... Who among us has not taken one too many tokes off the bubbler, sobering up hours later to find that they had spend their entire paycheck on a few Wal-Mart bargain bin movies and five pounds of peanut butter fudge?  But when you own two islands, a castle, and the fucking Shah of Iran's Lamborghini (not to mention the rest of the insane garbage he bought), the better question is how this lunacy managed to go on for this long...


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