Bristol Palin is single...

Johnson & Palin in happier times... 

You don't need to be able to read the stitches on a fastball to have seen this one coming.  Bristol Palin and Levi Johnson (her baby daddy) have called it quits.

Just two months after the birth of their son, Trigg, the teenaged couple decided they had enough of playing house and went their separate ways.  Palin has said (through her mother's political action commitee) that she is devestated by the break up and hinted that the break-up may have been sparked by Johnson's attempt to cash in on having been lucky enough to knock up the 18 year old daughter of a vice presidential nominee.

The Star magazine is reporting that the break up has been less than amicable as well as claims being made by Mercede Johnson (Levi's sister) that Palin is making it impossible for Levi to see the baby, claiming that "she does not want her baby around white trash".  These reports where followed by a statement given by Levi himself, claiming that the rumors in the tabloids and on the internet were not true and that their break up was mutually agreed upon (because both sides agree when you cheat on your grrlfriend with some random Alaskan hottie).

Bristol Palin first came into the public eye when it came out while her mother was running for president that she had gotten knocked up by her high school sweetheart, Levi Johnson.  She reamurged recently, after she had the baby, to talk to the Fox News Channel's Greta Van Susteren about teen pregnancy.  During that interview, she also claimed that her and Levi were doing very well and that their plans to wed were still full speed ahead (even though the word on the street is that she hand this guy cut ties well over a month ago).

Sadly, none of us should be shocked to learn that these two called it a day.  They are not even twenty years old!  Most moms who had kids at that age are single moms, because the men who knocked them up were not quite men yet and took off as soon as things got too real.  It happens every day to countless teenaged grrls who really thought that the dude they thought loved them so much at 18 and life to go didn't feel much the same after the baby came out and things were not as much fun anymore.  That's why it is not a good idea to have a baby while you are still in high school (Hell, it's not a good idea until you are married and you have the son of a bitch on lockdown... and even then it is questionable).

The moral of this story, obviously, is that it is not a good idea to get knocked up by a guy who's biggest goal in life was to try and catch on with a minor league hockey team.


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