Tara Reid Playboy cover revealed!!!!

  Tara Reid

In October, we at the Constitutional warned you of Playboy Magazine's threat to unveil to the world Tara Reid's naked body (yes, again, we are just as stunned as you guys are to discover that Tara Reid is in fact still alive).

Apparently Playboy intends to make good on its threats, opening the 2010 publication year by unleashing Tara Reid's topless body on the world (while no pictures have been leaked as of yet, the word on the street is that the former star only reveals her surgically ruined breasts, saving her three day old roast beef sandwich of a vagina for another day).

The cover for this atrocity has been released, showing the mid 30's actress looking as sultry as ever, her teased hair and pushed up boobs hoping to rekindle interest in the lucky to just be washed up actress.


You can see Tara Reid in all her topless glory in the upcoming January/Febuary double issue of Playboy.

(Though a less sickening way to lose total interest in the female form by walking in on your mother during her yearly trip to the gynecologist)


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