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Arrest warrant issued for Lindsay Lohan!!!


Lohan mugshot, 2007Well, ain't this a kick in the fire twat...

Beverly Hills Police have issued an arrest warrant for singer/actress/faux-dyke Lindsay Lohan Saturday.

The warrant has been issued for unspecified reasons stemming from her 2007 DUI arrest, for which she is currently serving three years probation.  When asked for comment, Sgt. Mike Foxen, of the Beverly Hills Police, has only said "We hope she turns herself in."

Lohan looking skank-tastic!!!When booked, Lohan would be able to bail herself out on a $50000 bond, so she might not have to spend too much time behind bars.  But maybe some time in the slam is what the she needs.

She was arrested twice in 2007; both arrests were DUIs (with her second adding a cocaine charge to her resume).  When a judge issues a warrant from court, it normally means you either didn't show up for court or you fucked up something while on probation.  And while I am sure that by tomorrow, this will all be spun out to being nothing more than just some simple misunderstanding that Ms. Lohan sincerely regrets, yada yada yada... and that it has all be taken care of blah blah blah. 

Celebrity justice will be back in vogue, finding Lohan to reap the greatest thing that comes from fame: being rich enough to buy her way out of trouble. 


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