Octomom in a bikini!!!

octomom8Believe it or not, it has been a year since human clown car Nadya Suleman entered into the American psyche… and what better way to commemorate it with a bunch of picture of the world’s most famous breeder than with pictures of Nadya in a bunch of bathing suites!!!

 Famous for purposely knocking herself up with eight babies while she had six more hanging out at her parents’ house all in the hopes of ending up on television Suleman dominated water cooler chat, morning radio drive, and was the top story on most gossip television programs.  She captivated the hearts and minds of Americans, growing tired of the watching talentless hacks make a name for themselves on reality television.

gallery_main-0118_octomom_bikini_00But after her fifteen minutes were up and the state investigations and trips to Dr. Phil went away, so did Suleman (for the most part).  That is until pictures of the world’s most famous lunatic started popping all over the internet of Suleman modeling her new beach body (and Betsey Johnson swimwear)…


Now, the first thing I thought of upon seeing these pictures was “Ehh, not the disaster area that I had thought to find.”  One would think after having crapped out eight children about a year ago (and a total of 14 in a scant few years) that this woman’s body would look like a road map due to the stretch marks that should be littering her body.  But either someone did a HELL of a job photoshoping her skin smooth or her plastic surgeon is able to working miracles out of a little Bond-O.

The dizzy broad looks damn near doable until you get to her very special gift (something I am willing to beefcheddarwager looks an awful lot like an Arby’s Beef n’ Cheddar after three or four days in the sun).  A vagina never looks the same after passing out one kid.  Just imagine the burn ward that broad has between her legs…

Then there’s that mouth. She looks like the Joker.  To channel Rodney Dangerfield, looking at that face I didn’t know whether to put my dick in her mouth or order my supper through it.






But kudos to her anyway…


Octomom does look good for a chick who has had 14 kids- 8 of which were born about a year ago (none of whom, I might add, have not yet turned up dead; something we all thought would have happened to one or two in that litter by now) and I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t fuck her just for the story. 


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