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Five chicks I have heard enough of...

raging-fireIt might be en vogue for websites to do a list of the top whatever number they feel like listing to list of the hottest (or most desirable) celebrities.  But that is played out.  All those list (for the most part) all has the same chicks… and usually at right around the same numeric position.  We all know which celebrities we would push our own mothers in front of a train in order to have a crack at.  But there are also always chicks that always leave us scratching our heads in disbelief.

After looking at a few of these lists (because I really don’t have much to do during the day time), I compiled a list of the five famous broads that have no business being on these lists…


gina crush carano_8649

5). Gina Carano: 

 Saying you are the hottest female mixed martial artist I like saying you are the sunniest rainy day.  Personally, I think she intimidates her way on to these lists…


4). Megan Fox:

OK, I get it… she’s hot and stars in movies with giant fighting robots.  Now can we move on???



3). Kim Kardashian: 

How any man can look at her after seeing what Ray Jay did to her in that sex tape and still want to slay this talentless tart is beyond me.  That being said, I would swan dive into her tookus…



2). Kristen Stewart:

Sure she’ll smoke you out, but when you can swing a dead cat in any direction and hit a chick just as hot (if not hotter)than the Plain Jane star of the Twilight series (singlehandedly, I might add, ruining vampires…) should automatically remove her from all Hottest List consideration.



1). Heidi Pratt:

She has had so much plastic surgery that she actually look like she is made of plastic.  She also has zero appreciable talent and looks like she cries when she has sex. 





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