Shia LaBeouf keeps it real...

ShiaLaBeoufI hate Shia LaBeouf and his battleship sized left foot. So it takes a lot for me to praise anything the ruiner of the most recent Indiana Jones movie does.  But his recent comments in GQ have garnered some respect from me.  usually it is a tight lipped little world out n Hollywood, where no one really ever says anything, let alone what they are really thinking (for example, when Gerard Butler told Billy Bush and that monster from Precious that he'd let her "hit it" instead of pretending to vomit and walking off in hysterics like the rest of us would have). 

So to read one of the hottest young stars right now speak as freely and as honestly as he did in this interview kind of through me for a loop.  For a brief moment, I forgot he was a douche bag.

In the interview, found in April’s GQ, LaBeouf revealed that he was still a little pissed off about how the media and camera whore celebrities addressed his 2008 arrest after an accident in which he hurt his left hand severely.  (A couple of days later, police announced that LaBeouf was not o be charged with any wrong doing the accident).

"I'd be watching the news, and they'd play my car crash, and every once in a while Kim Kardashian 's sister [Khloe] would jump on TV and preach to me from the red carpet about how to live my [expletive] life,' said the refreshingly candid Lebeouf regarding comments made by Khloe (who herself served almost three hours in a Los Angeles jail for drunk driving). 

LaBeouf continued:

shia-labeouf-broken-fingers"And I'm so upset, man. I'm so angry.  Because this accident was not caused by me. I got hit. I had a green. This [expletive] ran a red light. And he flipped my truck, and he shoveled it on my hand. And my fingers are in the street ... They're in the street, they're off, they're under the truck door, man. This is fake, dude," he says, lifting his newly reconstructed hand. "This is hip bone and the skin that was left over..."

He went on to talk about how he was stunned to discover that stockbrokers apparently really know how to  party while doing research for his role in Wall Street 2: Money never sleeps...

"I thought my life was pretty wild.  I'm Richie Rich. I land in New York, secretly thinking I'm like the coolest guy in the world. I've been on the cover of GQ! But then I met these guys, and it's humbling. It's the most sex-drugs-and-rock-'n'-roll atmosphere that exists on the planet. I was hanging out with some wild human beings."

To read the rest of the interview, checkout the April issue of GQ, due out March 23.

Wall Street 2 is due out later this year.


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