Jon sues Kate for eight...

jon_gosselin_smokingFormer reality star Jon Gosselin is suing his ex-wife, current reality star Kate Gosselin for primary physical custody of their eight kids. 

The douche bag Jon is alleging that ol' clown car cunt Kate is an absentee parent, as she is busy filming Dancing with the Stars in Los Angeles while their eight kids stay at the her home in Pennsylvania. He believes that she is not spending enough time with their children, and if that is the case then he wants them full time.

"He wants equal say with custody, equal time, but if the circumstances remain as they are, with Kate being rarely home, Jon wants primary custody of the children," says Anthony List Sr, Jon’s lawyer, to People Magazine.

kateKate has since responded to Jon’s allegations:

"I am not willing to comment in public on the custody discussions regarding my children. What I will say is this: I am and always will be a mother first, but as a single working mom, I will do everything necessary to provide for my kids despite the opinions of others."

Her lawyers have reiterated Kate’s sentiments, telling People Magazine that "... [their] client is a devoted mother who loves her children very much." They also claim to have yet to receive any official declaration of Jon's threats.

Thing I am trying to figure out is if he (or either of these two to be honest with you) was concerned jon-gosselin-changed-yell3with any of these kids getting "enough attention" would have had eight of the lil' fuckers. That being said, who is this Ed Hardy wearing douche bag to come out against his former wife for earning money? They have eight fucking kids!!! How else was she going to put food in those little mouths?

So she went on the dancing show and does some TV work from time to time. It’s a paying gig. Not like this schmuck is going to bring home that kind of cash in whatever douchie job he managed to get with his hair plugs and slimy disposition that will provide support for these eightchildren.

So as much as I can't stand Kate... and believe me, it is killing me to not kick this cunt in the belly on principle alone... I have to take her side on this one. She's making a living. So what. Her job takes her away from home from time to time- a perfect opportunity, might I add, for a single father to spend some quality time with his children. It’s life. My job takes me dancingaway from my kids every day. Writing for this site takes me away from them at night. My children are being raised by SpongeBob and state institutions and it doesn't make me a bad parent. It makes me a fucking American. We are all doing the best we can to balance making a living and raising a family. And it is a hard fucking fight sometimes (especially these days).

I think this has less to do with Jon being worried about his kids and more to do with Jon realizing that with the wife and kids (and TV cameras) gone, no one cares about him. The rock star life and hot chicks he had while being the Jon from Jon and Kate all dried up when the divorce gavel fell and Jon got raked over the coals in the outcome. This is Jon trying to stay relevant... trying to remind the world that he exists.

Sadly thought, this was the wrong approach. If he wants to stay relevant, here's an idea for him to ponder on... Octomom has been talking about making a porn movie in order to raise some money. A movie, I might add, which might draw a little attention. Now, watching Octomom get drilled might be interesting. Watching Octomom get drilled by the slime ball from Jon and Kate... now you got me watching.

Jon should make a dirty movie with the Octomom lady. Hell, he should date her for real, and make a home video. Two careers in one shot, so to speak! The internet would literally light on fire with such a video floating around. And it would be a much more socially acceptable move than beating up on your ex-wife for trying to earn a living to take care of the family you abandoned when you went and cheated on your wife (which is wrong no matter how big a cunt your wife might be). Now if you will excuse me... I have to wash my fingers off with bleach...


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